Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve!

I am at work today. We normally close but the Courthouse is closing tomorrow and Friday, so, we are closing then instead too.

Tonight we will have a bonfire at Russell's parents. We will have steaks for supper and then go outside for roasting hot dogs & marshmellows and fireworks. Luke went to help get fireworks yesterday and he is ready for tonight to get here NOW! Russell took him back today to get a few more smaller ones and a few for the house for tomorrow night too.

We will eat lunch with my parents tomorrow. My Aunt Joann and Uncle Clyde are coming to eat with us.

Monday we take Cole back to the Dr to see if his ears are clear. I think they will still be infected based on how he has been sleeping the last couple of nights. PRay for God's will as to whether we get to go on to an ENT now or wait for later.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The rest of the weekend

Friday me, Luke and Cole went with my mom to Foley to see my brother and his family. We went to the Tommy Outlet and ate at the Shrimp Basket. We got to my brothers around lunch and stayed about 3 hours before coming home. Mom took them their presents. Mike got clothes, Brandy got a Bible and some picture frames with jewelry box. She gave the 5 grandkids $. It was also Beck and Cody's birthday.

Baxter had a puppy he had raised from when she was a few days old. She was badly hurt and he nursed her back to health. He got up with her every few hours for the first little while. Luke fell in love with the puppy. He held her the whole time we were there. I will have to post pics when I am at home.

Cole had plenty of people to play with him and to keep his attention. He was fussy though with his ear infections, poor thing.

Santa came!

I woke up about 630 and got Russell up. We then woke Luke up telling him Santa had came. I have always woken up early on Christmas, I have been known to get up about 4! I LOVE Christmas!!

We let Cole sleep so he would not be fussy and since he really did not know what was going on.

Luke was so excited when he realized that Santa had bought him Spike the dinosaur! He also got a writing learning game, Higglytown Hero DVD, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, clothes, books, stuffed Mickey Mouse and a stuffed pen thing from Bed, Bath & Beyond. And a few other small items and stocking stuffers.

Cole got a big jumper thing and some bath toys. Santa MADE himself go light since this is his first Christmas. Cole loved the paper and boxes. He would play and plat in it until he started eating them and I had to make him mad by moving him.

Russell got me the TomTom One XL I wanted, a Randy Owen CD, a necklace from Luke & Cole, a voice recorder, Paula Deen's new kid's cookbook, 3 Musketeers & Reese Whipps in my stocking. I am loving my TomTom - I used it when we went to Foley on Friday to find the restaurant we wanted to eat, the Shrimp Basket.

I got Russell an Ipod Nano, Itunes gift card, a funny calendar, Alabama sweat shirt, and money in his stocking.

I called my parents and woke them up around 700. We got up there around 800. Luke got a picnic table with sandbox as his BIG gift, clothes, money, Hallmark collectible ornament. Cole got money to open a savings account, a Frog that plays music, a dog that wags his tale, clothes, Hallmark collectible ornament, a bubble bee that lights up. We stayed there until around 900/930. Russell got jeans, two things of gun shells, and an Itunes gift card. They always do us a basket full of personal items - it was filled with things for all us like our favorite shampoos and conditioners, toothpastes, deodorants, bath stuff for the kids, mousse for me, all kinds of things that save us $. I got a new set of dishes (8 place settings), stocking full of Mary Kay makeup, cookbook holder, mixer cover. I think I have named everything!

We then went to Russell's parents for breakfast and gifting. Luke got a big wheel and some more coloring books. Cole got money for his savings account. Russell got a pair of pants. I got a pair of Yellowbox leopard print shoes. We ate breakfast and then came home to get ready to go back to my parents for lunch.

We went to my parents for lunch. Libby came to see us after lunch. We went back to Russell's parents for supper. We finally got back to our house around 800 and got to stay home all night!!! WHEW!! I am exhausted just thinking about the day again.

Getting ready for Santa!

Well, on the way home I realized that I could not get the gifts out of the closet after Luke & Cole went to sleep b/c the sleep in our bedroom where the closet is!! When we got home, Luke had to go to the bathroom. So, while he was in there I am make a MAD DASH through the house getting presents into another closet for later!!

We get them to bed about 1030/100. I wake up around 1200 and put out everything I can before waking Russell up to go outside to get the big stuff. One of us had to be in the bed in case Luke woke up and was by himself b/c he would come looking for us! Yes, we're bad parents and he sleeps with us - no lectures please!HA! I get Russell up and go back to bed while he is carrying the big stuff in. Then when he comes back to bed, I get up to put any finishing touches on I see.

I always take a pic of the tree and presents after Santa has arrived. It's 1245 am and I go to take the pic. I CANNOT FIND MY CAMERA!!! I panic and realize that I left it at Russell's parents. So, I go wake Russell up to tell him and he goes to get my camera. I am laying in bed praying that Luke or Cole will not wake up before he gets back! He takes his cell phone so he can text me when he has found it and is on his way home! He got back around 130. He had to go slow because it was so foggy. Everone that knows how obsessed I am with pics will know I was FREAKING out!

Trying to get caught up on blogging.

I may have to do this in stages. I have been so busy that I have not been able to update this since Dec 23rd. I did not realize it had been that long! Boy time flies!

I was off all last week and was busy every day of it. I wish we were all able to slow down and enjoy our time more!

Christmas Eve: I cooked supper for my parents. We had Poppy Seed Chicken, Casserole, String Beans, and Rolls. It was very good. I half the casserole and still had way too much!! We opened one gift that night. We gave my parents an ornament with Luke's hand print turned into Santa and Cole's foot print turned into a Christmas Tree. I had made me one earlier at the Pottery Shop. Luke got a Cars Matching Game and Cole got a little John Deer tractor that makes popping noise from them. I got a tiger print shirt and Russell got some gun shells from them. WE had a great time together! Luke got ready to open most gifts and informed us he was ready to go to Pop/Nanas. We had to have several talks with Luke about wanting "more" and his attitude that night.I think he is having a "delayed" reaction to not being the complete center of attention anymore.

We went to Russell's parents. We have finger foods there. Yes, we ate at both places, HA!! That's what you do on Holidays isn't it? We open one gift there too. Luke got a coloring book from them. Russell got a shirt. I got a Summer Sausage. Uncle Mike and Aunt Leta gave Luke two shirts, a pair of pants, and a sticker making machine that he LOVES. They gave Cole two outfits. We gave Price a rattle and a Lamaze soft building/stackable block set. Some of Leta's family joined us for a little while. We left early to come home to get ready for Santa.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cole's poor ears!

We took Cole back to the Dr today. After 10 days of antibiotics he still has an ear infection. They gave him a shot, another antibitoic and some drops for his eyes b/c they are so crusty. We will go back in 10 days (January 2nd) and see how they are. That visit will determine if we go on to an ENT or not. Pray for his ears. I just want him to feel better whether he gets tubes or not. At this point I am ready for utbes even if he is well to stop any future infections!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's our Christmas card for those that did not get it in the mail.

Last day of work until December 29th

I will be off until Dec 29th after today. Luke was excited when I told him I would be off with them for 10 days. Cole will even be more spoiled if that is possible. Russell will be out of school after tomorrow until January 5th. We will all get to spend a lot of time together.

Tomorrow is Luke and Cole's Christmas party at the babysitter. It is at 300. At 630 Russell and I have reservations at Gaines Ridge. Ever since we have been dating we have always gone during Christmas to eat. It is so beautifully decorating! I almost waited until too late to get reservations this year. They had a cancellation tomorrow night, so, that worked out great for us.

Saturday we do not have plans so far. I need to go to Walmart without the boys to finish some things at some point. Sunday we will go to church and our Choir's Cantata is Sunday night and we have a fellowship afterwards.

I am trying to decide now what I want to bake for us to snack on during the week. I always like having different things to snack. I will buy groceries tonight, so, I need to get to deciding pretty quick I reckon.

I got my cards in the mail Tuesday. Everyone should be getting them today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to work

Well, The work day is almost done. It is so dreary with the rain threatening and looking cloudy all day.

Cole is still have sleepless nights. These ear infections this time are causing him to wake up during the night more than the ones before.

Luke got some more blow up Christmas decorations this weekend. They had 4 foot ones on sale at Walgreens for $10. He got 3 for our house and 2 for mom & dad's in all. He LOVES Christmas!!! If everyone loved it through his eyes, this world would be completely different.

I had lunch with Sky today. It was nice to get to catch up in person! She was in Grove Hill interning some of her court reporting hours. We ate at the Deli.

Russell has to go to a basketball game tonight for crowd control. I am not cooking supper for just me and Luke. We will eat what we can find that's easy.

Tomorrow night is the Children's Christmas Tree at church. All of the children get a $1 (a tradition started years ago by a sweet, sweet man in our church that is now in Heaven) and a bag of fruit.

I cannot believe that Christmas will be here in 9 days!!! I need to finish wrapping presents!! I have one last minute one to buy that Luke has decided to start asking for every time we go to Walmart.

It's almost time for me to shut the computer down and go home. Y'all have a good night!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fulton Christmas Parade

I made it back in time!!!!! YAHOO!! I have never made such a flying trip to Mobile.

Cole of course did not get to ride with us. Mom bought him to watch and sat in the car with him.

Here's some pics.

Cole has ear infections

He has ear infections in both with puss and fluid on them. He has been pretyt happy though. They gave him some antibiotics.


I am getting ready to leave for the Dr's visit. I forgot to mention last night for those reading this that do not know, we have to go 90 miles one way to see our Pediatrician or any good Dr for that matter. It's great to live in a small town, but it would be amazing not to have to drive to Mobile or Meridian, MS for good Dr's and shopping.

Cole went to sleep at 730 last night. I was expecting a nap and for me to be up all night after it. He woke at 900 took a bottle, went back to sleep until 530 when he woke for another bottle and then he went back to sleep around 600 and is still sleeping. When he woke up at 900 last night he could barely open his little eye - it was so pitiful looking. This morning the eye looked fine.

I got to finish decorating the golf cart for Luke last night while mom and dad were here. He will be so excited when he sees it this morning. Russell is going to buy him candy to throw this morning. I have him a cute basket out for him to keep it in on the back of the cart. He has a red blanket to sit on and a Christmas tree sitting beside him on the back of the cart.

Russell and Luke are still sleeping. I need to finish getting ready. I will update when I get back and hopefully get to post picks of the parade afterwards too.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cole's sick

Well, I have a DR's appointment to take Cole to the DR in the morning. I thought he had pink eye but when i called the nurse she said with his history of ear infections that it could be a bad infection coming out of his eye from his ears. He has had a stuffy nose too. And a very slight cough.

I have to be there at 1030. we have decorated the golf cart to be in our Christmas parade tomorrow at 2. Mom is going with me and Russell is keeping Luke. If I am not back by 2, Russell will still take Luke to be in the parade. I am going to try my best to be back so I can ride with them. I will have to take pics to send you. I have put gold garland around the golf cart, a tree on the back of it with a red blanket for Luke to sit on to throw his candy from. He is so excited!!!

We took the pics with Santa last night. They are great! I am SOOO Glad we did it last night with the way Cole's eye is so swollen and red tonight. He looks pitiful.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We had Fulton's singing last night. It had to be moved to FBC church b/c of the rain. It went very well. I was stressing over having too much food, but we did not have as much left over as Iwas dreading. I revised my list today to know what to get next year. Eventually, I will have that list down to a T. HA!

Tonight we will go out in the call for Thomasville's Stroll. Santa is going to be there. We did pics there last year and they were GREAT. So, we're hoping for the same this year. We will not "stroll" afterwards b/c it is in the 30s.

I have my Christmas cards ordered! YAHOO!! I will pick them up on Saturday. Thanks Ensley for designing them for me! I promise I will get a program soon to be able to quit bugging you, ha!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We had a busy weekend. Friday night me and mom had to decorate for the Christmas Tea at church. Russell had to do crowd control at the Basketball Games. Mrs. Helen and Mr. Ben kept the kids for us.

Saturday, we went to the Parade at 10. Luke got lots of candy. Cole watched it for a few minutes and then slept through it all including the fire truck sirens!

That afternoon I had the Tea at church. It was fun. We had about 140 ladies there. While I was at the Tea, Russell took Luke to a birthday party. We had a nursery, so, Cole went with me and stayed there.

During the middle of this the AL/FL game came on. I made it home for the 2nd half, which turned out to be the worse half. BUT at least we made it and are so much better than a lot of people ever thought we would be this soon. We WILL be National Champs SOON!!!! And we are going to a bowl game - the Sugar Bowl. SOME Teams are staying home and YES we're proud to say Auburn is one of them, HAHA!!

That night, Russell and I had to go to the Fireman's Christmas Supper. The Town Council is invited each year. Ezell's catered it, so, we had some GOOD food!! It was short and sweet. I am glad we were able to go this year. Usually something has come up and we have missed it every year but one until now since I have been on the Council.

Sunday we went to church that morning. Me and mom had a wedding shower to go to in Jackson for a cousin. Russell took the kids to see his mom and take her their birthday present - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. HELEN!!!!

Then me and mom went by Walmart on the way home. I had to get food for Fulton's Christmas singing tomorrow night. We orders platters from Walmart, ask people to make some things and then go get the remaining food. We prepare for 150 people. I will be exhausted by tomorrow night. Me and one other girl are in charge of all the food. You know the MEN are not touching any planning for a party! HA! It is suppose to rain, so, tonight we will make the decision of whether to move it inside just in case. I think it will be inside with the chance of rain I am seeing now!

Monday, I stayed around the house except for one quick trip to Walmart. Luke was not feeling well.

Today I am at work. Cole is at the sitter's. Luke stayed with my dad in case his not feeling week yesterday was contagious. My mom stayed home at lunch and they are on there way to Taco Bell for lunch now. He called a few minutes ago to tell me he was going to start staying with Poppa everyday that he did not fee good and he thought it would be 10 days before he felt better!! HAHAHAHA!!! HE IS SO FUNNY!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Breaking Auburn News.

Tubberville is gone. I figured this would happen when he lost to BAMA.

Roll Tide!

My boss is out of the hospital

Mr. Williams came in the office some today. He got out of the hospital yesterday. He will have to go to Mobile for an oxygen tank treatment and i.v. antibiotics each day, except on weekends when his daughter will give him the i.v., for six weeks. He will come into the office in the afternoons.

This is a pray of thanksgiving that he is doing better. Please, continue to pray and pray that this treatment works so there will be no surgery.


Are you finished decorating? Shopping?

Have you stopped long enough to remember and remind your kids what Christmas is all about? Jesus' birthday!!! We constantly remind ours of it. We want them to have fun with Santa but we never want them to forget that without Jesus there would be no Christmas.

I started the tradition last year of baking Jesus a birthday cake. I thought, I do this for my kids birthday, why not my Savior's? I think that will help remind them of his birthday too when they see things going on that we do for theirs.

Also, stop to help someone less fortunate. Does your church have an Angel Tree? If not, why don't you do one? No matter our circumstances, there is always some one less fortunate than us. And they are not someone far off, they are our own town or neighborhood. Once you start looking, you will find more to help than you ever thought you could. You can also collect food and staples that people need too.

Think about. Are you doing what Jesus would want you to do?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to work

Well, I had to come back to work today. I figured Cole would cry when I left him b/c he has gotten spoiled even more while I have been off if that is possible that is. But he was fine. Luke was fine too - kissing and waving bye to me.

We're not busy at work at all since Mr. Williams is in the hospital. He is getting out today. He will have to go to Mobile each week day to have the antibiotic treatment done. His daughter, Dinah who is a Physicians Assistant, will give it to home on the weekend. I am not sure how long he will have to do that, the Dr had said 5-6 weeks. He said he hoped that soon he could come in during the afternoon to the office some. The most important thing is for him to follow Dr's orders and prayerfully the infection will go away and he will not loose his foot.

We are ALMOST fully decorated for Christmas. I put the tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Sunday, Russell and Luke put up the 6 blow ups that we have and I put up the Christmas village inside. Yesterday, Russell put up half the icicle lights. I put up the garland in the house. I need to decorate the porch but it has been to cold for me. We are like the Griswalls we have so many decorations! HA!

Luke is LOVING the decorations. We have been praying for the blow ups for months now! That is all that he can talk or think about since we have them up. If the wind blows hard, he worries they will fall over. Frosty blew a fuse last night and he came in crying and saying that Frosty was dead. Thankfully, we had a fuse and Russell got him fixed before we had to go rush out to buy a new one!!! It will drive you crazy a little but then Russell reminded me last night that once he is older he will not enjoy it as much and we will want these days back! :( Of course, the said this while not wanting to go outside with a flashlight to fix Frosty, HA!

Cole looks at the lights some but he is not too impressed by them. He has rolled to my tree a few times but not many. Although, I know crawling is his next big milestone, I would prefer him to wait until AFTER Christmas to learn how and make my life easier!!!

I have taken some precious pics of the kids in front of the Tree. Now, I have to decide which ones to use. I am ready for my cards to go in the mail! I have an idea of what I want to do. I have to call my great friend, Ensley, to see if she will design them the way I want them (Ensley are you reading this!?!HA!) I know she is ready for me to buy a program like hers and leave her alone!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Come on everyone sing "RAMMER JAMMER" with me, you know you want to!!! How sweet it is to beat Auburn 36 - 0!!!! GO BAMA!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!

Can I get a ROLL TIDE?!!!

Half time 10-0. I hope it holds and we put more points on the board!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New pics!!!

I took these Sunday before we left for church.

Preparing for the big day!

Well I have had a busy week. Monday was uneventful until the afternoon and I had to take Luke to the Dr. He has double ear infection, sinus infection and the Dr thought possible pink eye. He does not have pink eye though, thank the Lord!!!

Tuesday Luke was feeling better so we took Cole for his check up and his shots. His ears were clear, Thank God!! The antibiotics has given him a bad yeast infection. He got two shots and one oral vacine. Was a long day!!! Took almost 2 hours at the Dr!! UH!!!

Today we have been getting ready for tomorrow. Russell cleaned the yard and I cleaned the inside. He will shampoo that carpet tonight. I have baked my cornbread and saute'd my onions and celery and cooked my eggs to make the dressing. I am washing clothes. Cole has been fussy and had fever from the shots.

My boss has been put in the hospital for IV antibiotics. He has been having problems with his foot for a while. They did an MRI this week and he had an infection al the way to and in the bone. He is a diabetic. He will be in the hospital about a week and then on the IV meds for about 6 more weeks at home. Pray for him and his foot!

That's all for now. I need to cook supper.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last work day until December 2nd!! YAHOO!

I am so excited. In 15 minutes I will be off until December 2nd. It will be so great to have that much time off. It will be filled with things to do though.

Tomorrow and Saturday I do not have any plans. Just hoping that UMS beats Jackson tomorrow night! I wanted to go to the game but I will only suffer the cold for my husband's team!

Sunday we will go to church and Sunday night we have out Thanksgiving Supper there.

Monday is open to what I want.

Tuesday we take Cole to the Dr see if his ear infection is cleared.

Wednesday we do not have AWANA. I will probably go get groceries and start getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Thursday we will go to Russell's parents for lunch. I am cooking for my parents and my brother along with his wife and five sons that afternoon for a total of 13! Yikes, I need another guest b/c I do not like the #13! We can always count the pets since they will enjoy the scraps I am sure.

Friday me and mom are going to Meridian on our Annual Mother-Daughter Shopping Day! Russell will have the kids. We decided to go to Meridian this year instead of Mobile hoping to not be as crowded. I do not have a lot of shopping left, mainly it will just be a day for us to get away.

Saturday Fulton is having their Christmas parade that morning. I am not sure if the church is doing a float. If not, we will probably put our golf cart in so Luke can ride. It's a small parade, so, some people put golf carts and 4wheelers in it. It's all in fun!

Sunday we will go to church. Monday will be open and then Tuesday it's back to the normal working world!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, we lost Friday night, so, we're out of the playoff for the year. Russell does not know what to do each afternoon when he does not have practice. I guess I need to start making "honey do" lists, HA!!!

We did not do very much this weekend. Stayed around the house on Saturday until the Alabama game. Then we went to Mr. Ben and Mrs. Helen's to eat and watch the game. GO BAMA!!!

We went to church Sunday morning and back to church Sunday night. I have children's church this month. We're starting a new program with it. It is by David Cook and it is really good. Me and a girl named Kaylan have the 2s and 3s. There is one boy in there that can cause problems. I came home Sunday with scratches all over one arm from him! Pray for us!! Sunday night we had baptism - we baptised 5 that night. Praise God!!!! A few others were suppose to be there but they had a death in the family. Our church is growing and growing and God continues to bless.

Monday I was off. We ate lunch with mom and then Luke got a hair cut. We went home and stayed there the rest of the day.

Cole is pretty fussy with his ear infection this time. He starts crying off and on about 830 until he finally goes to sleep around 1100/1130. We go back tot he Dr on Tuesday, November, 25th to see if the infection are cleared after the antibiotics. The Dr said we will see at 9 months if he is still having the infections and if so, he will send us to an ENT.

Dad had a colonoscopy this morning. All was well. He has not been feeling well and has lost a lot of weight here lately. The Dr had given him antibiotics to see if that would help in case it was a bug that would not let go and he had been better since then. They biopsied some "pollups" but the Dr does not think they are anything to be concerned.

I am thinking about putting up my Christmas tree this week. I normally wait until Thanksgiving night to do it, but I am wanting to go ahead this year. I work alot on it and want to enjoy it a little longer this year.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cole has ear infections again

I took Cole to the Dr today. He has an ear infection again. Please, pray for it to go away with the first round of antibiotics.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am so glad today is Thursday. I have only worked two days this week but it has seemed like the longest week.

Cole has been fussy off and on for a week. Had fever a few times. I cannot decide if he is teething or if his ear infections are back. I am thinking about taking him to the doctor tomorrow to be safe on the ear infections.

Luke said a verse at AWANA this week and got his patch from the last two weeks. He has carried Cubby that he got last week with him everywhere and sleeps with it. He loves him so much!!!!

We play Jackson again tomorrow night for the 2nd round of the playoffs. They beat the mess out of us last time but we're hoping they cannot do it twice and that we turn the tables tomorrow night.

We do not have big plans for the weekend other than the game. Goody's is having a sale that I want to go to. Is there ever a time when Goody's is NOT having a sale?

I love that Christmas is almost here and am thinking about going ahead and putting my tree up SOON. I LOVE Christmas but do not look forward to the "business" of the season. I have looked at my calendar and starting Thanksgiving we have something pretty much every weekend until Christmas. Plus, traveling on Friday night's for football as long as we continue to win- GO TIGERS!

We do need to stop, remember and remind other that Jesus is the REAL reason for Christmas. We all have fun with Santa but we need to make sure our children know that we celebrate Christmas b/c of Jesus' birth not b/c Santa brings presents. We continually tell Luke and will continue with Cole that Jesus is the reason and that Santa comes with presents to celebrate Jesus' birthday just like we get presents on our birthday.

I have said for years we were going to start baking Jesus a birthday cake. This year Luke can really appreciate that and we will keep it as a tradition. We did a snowman cake last year. We did it before Christmas and not on the day, so, we would have time to enjoy making it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Luke got a prize for saying the MOST verses in his class for October

He got a stuff Cubby - his class' mascot. He was so excited!! He said 5 verses in the month of October!! I am so proud of him!!!

I just put Luke on the K4 sad

I cannot believe that my baby is old enough that I just called to get on the TLC list. Of course, many of you know he is already 4 but Russell insists that we hold him back a year, so, he will go to K4 at 5.

I put him on the list at TLC. She already has 23 on the list. She is considering starting a K5 next year too.

They go Mon-Thur. I drop him off at 745/800 and pick him up 1130/1145. I will be making flying trips during my lunch hour to get him where he needs to be. On Tuesdays, I will have to take Cole to the sitter too. My neighbor's daughter is going too, so, we will swap out some and that will help me. I am sure Poppa/Gaga or Pops will be willing to pick him up for me too if I need it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It seems like forever since I have been on here

HALLOWEEN FRIDAY: We had a great Halloween. We took Luke and Cole to a few houses and then to my parents before our hayride at church. Cole stayed with them since we were not sure if his ears were healed or not. We stopped at a few houses on the hay ride and then came back to church to roast marshmallows.

Saturday: Me, mom, Luke and Cole went to Jackson to the Fall Festival. I bought a cookbook. Luke played some games for prizes and played in those big "jumping things." Cole rode in the stroller and was sooo GOOD! We had him in it half the day and he only cried once when he was ready to eat.

That night me, Russell, Luke and Cole went to Thomasville to their Ghost Walk. We went to the Pottery Shoppe and had an ornament made Luke's hand print and Cole's foot print. We also had a platter made. They took Cole's foot print and Luke's hand print and made a dear out of them. VERY CUTE! We started doing ornaments a few years ago when they opened and hope to continue doing so for a long time.

Luke road the Ferris Wheel!!! I made the mistake of riding it with him. When they stopped us ON THE TOP I wanted to throw up!!! And was wishing I had of let Russell do it. Luke was having a BLAST!! He was turning and looking all around and I was trying to get him to be still! HA!!! My 4 yr old is braver than me! After going around once or twice I was ok but I doubt I do that again. He road those big swings by himself and went down a tall slide. He is growing up on us we both said! Cole had a long day and he was not impressed with the Ghost Walk!

Sunday: We went to church. That afternoon Cole & Luke both fell asleep after lunch at my parents. I went home and took a SHORT nap before they work up. We were bad and skipped church that night.

Monday: Me and mom took Cole for his recheck on his ears. THEY ARE WELL!!! Luke stayed with Russell's parents. We did a little shopping. Cole was so good. Especially with us dragging him all over Mobile all day long. He only cried when we did not get his bottle fixed fast enough.

Today: I am at work and wishing I was at home!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

TGIF for me!

We had AWANA last night. Luke got a Luvie Lamb patch for his vest. I forget to bring my camera, so, I could upload his picture. He also got a prize for saying the most verses in his class last week.

All the children are competing for the most verses. The child with the most in each class gets a prize. They earn a leaf to put on a tree in our hall for every verse they learn. The one with the most verses in the end gets a bigger prize. In the month of October, we have put over 200 leaves on the tree! It ends November 19th.

We're also bringing canned goods until then to take to needy families for Thanksgiving. We're putting a Bible verse on the top of each can as a witness.

We have our football game tonight against Demopolis. Playing on Thursday when I work, makes me VERY thankful I no longer work on Fridays and do not have to rush to get things ready to be at the game. I have to pack two bags, one for Luke & me for the game and one for Cole to have wherever he stays -usually with Mrs. Helen. Then when it is cold I have to get all our blankets and warm clothes together. I got everything ready last night and this morning to save time this afternoon. I had to wash and dry me some jeans this morning. I am use to doing that Friday while I am at home. Thursday is always our grocery buying night, so, I will have to do that tomorrow.

Saturday we plan to go to Jackson's Annual Fall Festival. I do not think we bought anything last year. Santa will be there and it will be a good opportunity for me to get the boys pictures done with him. It will be fun to see what Cole thinks about him. Last year Luke loved him but that could change from year to year.

I guess I better go actually do some work for the moment.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cole had his FIRST Lollipop!

At first he did not care for it but once he got started good he would not let go. I had to keep pulling it for him to not chock himself with putting it too far in his mouth!

Updated on Fall Festival

We had the Festival at church last night. It went great. We had lots of kids there!! Hopefully, some of them will come back to church too! We got to give out tracks and contact information. We know that God's word will not return void!

Cole slept through a lot of it. He was not impressed I reckon, ha!

Luke had fun running around. He won a drink at the Coke Ring Toss.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McDonald's in Thomasville Burnt Today

So sad for the many workers that are out of job! We had quit eating there as much as possible these last several months due to the Corporation supporting a life style we do not agree with. We had prayed for God to take Luke's desire to eat there away since it is hard to explain some things to a 4 vear old.

Fall Festival tonight

We have our Fall Festival at church tonight. We set up for it last night. We will eat hot dogs and chips and then have the Festival and Trunk-r-Treat. Luke is excited about it. Cole of course could care less.

I am a little nervous about it b/c I am in charge of it. I always worry I will run out of prizes or I do not have enough to do.

We're having a hay ride using a 4wheeler. We will see how die hard some kids are since it is suppose to be in the 30s tonight!!! And we will see how Russell does driving it, ha!

Got to go for now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch after church Sunday. Took about 26 kids.

Cole did not get his nap out on the ride down to it, so, he was not caring about it at all. He would not take a pic by himslef b/c it was in the sun and it hurt his eyes. He would pose with Luke and other kids though!

It was fun and all the kids enjoyed it.

Luke got a little pumpkin and a BIG pumpkin. He picked Cole out a little pumpkin too.

My new car!

We signed the papers today. It's a 2008 Impala with a Sun Roof!! I have always wanted a Sun Roof. We got a deal for trading in our lease early.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Praise the Lord!!!!!!

Russell does NOT have a tumor!! Praise the Lord!!!!!! Thanks for your prayers.

He said he had not been dizzy tonigh tbut his ears were still ringing. The nurse said to give that until Tuesday to clear up. So, keep the prayers coming.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Russell's Doctor's visit

We got the Epley and MRI done. I am suppose to call late tomorrow afternoon for the results of the MRI.

For 48 hours after the epley he can only turn his head side to side. He has to sleep in the recliner tonight. There is NO jumping up and down at the ballgame tomorrow night - please PRAY for that! He said right now the dizziness is better but the ringing of his ear and fullness in his ears are not better. I am assuming that it takes 48 hours for the full effects since he cannot do certain things until after 48 hours.

We ended up doing the epley at 3 instead of 10 b/c they said he could lay in the MRI after the epley. They said it was rare for someone to fail all 4 test and they did not realize how the scheduling needed to be, HA!! So, we had to kill 3 hours in Mobile.

Mr Ben was down there getting his truck serviced and he met us and took us for lunch. We walked around Sams and Best Buy the rest of the time.

I will let you know when I hear from the MRI tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We go for Russell's epley at 10:00 and MRI at 1:00 tomorrow and then we meet with the Dr at 2:45 for the results. Pray for us, and the doctors & nurses that are working with him!


Luke's verse tonight is "Mine eyes have seen thy salvation." Luke 2:30

If he says this one, he will earn a Luvie Lamb patch for his vest and will get it at Opening Ceremony next week!

I forgot my book at home today. UH!!! We may be watching the DVD tonight since I am not going to be able to finish studying. I cannot believe I did that! I may look for somethng fun to do on the internet and have a fun time tonight. We do not do crafts that often.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back to work Tuesday

UHHH! It's my "back to work" day. I am so thankfult for the days I am home with my kids. I wish I could be there everyday with them.

Luke is with my dad today, and Cole is with Aunt Sissy (a/k/a Melissa Harvell). Deborah had to take her daughter for a check up after her surgery today.

I have a little busy day at work ahead of me but nithing too major.

I am hoping to get Halloween pics took after work today but we will see. Cole has been fussy with his ears, so, it all depends on his mood. And course, if Luke has had a nap and is ill or not. I am hoping to get Clifford in the pic since they are firemen he can be our "dalmation." Wish my luck with a 4 year old, 5 month old, and a puppy!! HA! Better yet, PRAY!

Hope yall have a good day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cole, Luke & Clifford the Little White Dog

Ain't I cute in my hat?

Cole, I have a secret to tell you!

Here, Clifford.....

He's coming to me!

That tickles!
Here's Cole in his hat to keep the wind out of his ears.

This is our new dog, Clifford - the Little White Dog we call him. Cole thought he was so funny! Even the licking, ha!!!

This is one of the few times that Luke only wanted in one picture!

Luke's Shirt we made

The big spider is out of his hand print! I put paint on his finger and we wrote his name.

The little spider is made from a glob that he decided to "add" to the shirt while I was out of the room. I had to turn it into a spider after I finished being mad b/c he did that to the shirt, haha!

I want to do one with Cole but I think I am going to do a ghost with his foot print instead since he will close his hands up or put them in his mouth before I get the paint off. Although, he loves to eat his feet too!! We will see if I decide to try paint with a 5 month old!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Roll Tide!!! Go Bama!!! #2 in the Nation!

Had a "show" yesterday. It went really good. Can't post what type show on here but those that know me know what kind it was. Hopefully, have about three bookings off it too on top of good sales.

Went to church this morning. I had children's church today too.

Cole has not felt good today. He has had fever off and on all day. He is napping now, so, I am sure he will wake up and I will be up half the night! I should nap now too, but it's too early for me. It's 8:51 in case you were wondering.

My dad got Luke a horse on Friday. He has ridden it 3 days straight, so, now dad is talking about going get him a smaller pony. If you know my dad you know it is his dream for Luke and/or Cole to LOVE horses! I forgot to take my camer up there, another day I will have some to post.

Well, Cole is waking up so that's all for now!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cole's Ears

I had to take Cole to the Doctor today. We went to Dr. Dozier instead of having to go to Mobile. His double ear infection from his check-up on 9/26 has not gone away. He gave us medicine and told us to follow up with our pediatrician, Dr. Hunter in 14 days. He said since the first round did not clear it up we would need to watch his ears for problems.

Pray for him!

GO TIGER!!!!!!!

WE BEAT CCHS 14-13!!!!!!!!!
GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We play CCHS tomorrow! Our biggest rivals. Go tigers! Beat the bulldogs!

We lost to them last year, and hopefully this year we will redeem ourselves with a big win.

We have church members and friends on their team. I do not want to see them loose personally, but then I do want us to loose at all. I always tell the upfront "Sorry for hollering 'get him' and it being your child!" HA!!! There is a lot of history between the schools and olny someone that has lived it can understand it completely.

That's all folks! I am sleept and going to bed as soon as I take my contacts out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Luke said his verse tonight! YAHOO! He got his patch from saying the 2 last week tonight too.

I had 2 new kids in my class tonight for a total of 14 there tonight. I had one boy earn his vest, book and bag and he was SO HAPPY! It is such a joy to see these kids enjoying learning about Jesus.

Luke ALSO got to pick a prize for saying the MOST verses in his class last week!! YAHOO!! I did not know about this!

I can never think of "catchy" titles!

Yesterday was a long day. I had a council meeting at 6 after work. Normally. they last aout 30 minutes. Luke went with me and sat in a chair. Well, my dad came to get him at 700 b/c he knew he would be ready to go. I think we finally finished about 800. Then I went to gets the kids from my parents and ate left overs that mom had for supper.

Russell had a JV game, so, he did not get home until about 830/845 when we were driving up. They lost to Jackson. he was not feelng well. Those test Monday made his dizzyness and ringing ears worse. Please pray the "epley" cures this stuff!!

I am at work now. Not too much going on. Waiting on a mortgage company to run out of excuses and get me a loan closing package that we have been waiting on since last week.

We have AWANA tonight. I hope I have time to study my lesso today b/c I have not looked at it. If I do not, we will watch some of the DVD cartoons that goes along with me class. They loved that last time!

Luke has to say "Call his name Jesus, he shall be great." Luke 1:31-32. He knows it but once again you never know what he will do when he gets there. He will get his patch tonight for the two verses he said last week! Pics will be posted tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am trying to get into Facebook since so many people are talking about it. Right now I seem lost and confused on it!!!

Russell's Doctor's Visit yesterday

Russell had his tests yesterday. He failed all 4 of them. He has a version of vertigo, BPPV. The Dr said that is the best kind to have b/c there is a 90% chance of a cure. They will do a procedure called “epley”. His vertigo is caused by “rocks” on the end of hair follicles in the ear. The rocks have fallen off and the procedure will take about 45 minutes in office to get the rocks back in the correct area of the ear.

He does have hearing loss in his left ear.

He failed two other tests but the Dr thinks other symptoms are making him fail those test and not that he has it but is doing an MRI to make sure. One of the test indicates he could have a tumor that is NOT cancer that is causing some of his problems.

Another test indicates that he has minears disease which there is no cure for. It will cure itself but when it does you loose hearing in that ear. There is medicine to help it and you do a low sodium diet.

But the tumor and the minears disease the Dr personally does not think he has. The MRI will tell us about them and he said if the epley cured other symptoms then he did not have minears disease. He goes back Oct 23rd, at 10 they will do the epley and at 100 the MRI and at 245 we will see the Dr for the results.

If there is a tumor the Dr said he would monitor it before recommending surgery. Do another MRI in 6 months. He said that type is VERY slow growing and he would not recommend surgery unless it was growing. He told us he could not stress enough to us that it did not mean cancer.

It was a whirl wind visit and so much to take in. You go in just thinking one thing could be wrong and come out with 4 failed tests! He said Russell was rare in that he failed all 4 of them. He thinks he has had the asymmetrical hearing loss in his left ear his entire life.

Please keep Russell in your prayers and on your church prayer list too!!!! We know that God is in control.

Monday, October 13, 2008

More pics....

This should be all of them. ENJOY!