Friday, December 12, 2008

Cole's sick

Well, I have a DR's appointment to take Cole to the DR in the morning. I thought he had pink eye but when i called the nurse she said with his history of ear infections that it could be a bad infection coming out of his eye from his ears. He has had a stuffy nose too. And a very slight cough.

I have to be there at 1030. we have decorated the golf cart to be in our Christmas parade tomorrow at 2. Mom is going with me and Russell is keeping Luke. If I am not back by 2, Russell will still take Luke to be in the parade. I am going to try my best to be back so I can ride with them. I will have to take pics to send you. I have put gold garland around the golf cart, a tree on the back of it with a red blanket for Luke to sit on to throw his candy from. He is so excited!!!

We took the pics with Santa last night. They are great! I am SOOO Glad we did it last night with the way Cole's eye is so swollen and red tonight. He looks pitiful.

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sklay723 said...

Poor little Cole! He is lucky to have a momma who cares so much. :) Good luck with everything, and I hope you make it back in time for the parade!!!