Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to work

Well, I had to come back to work today. I figured Cole would cry when I left him b/c he has gotten spoiled even more while I have been off if that is possible that is. But he was fine. Luke was fine too - kissing and waving bye to me.

We're not busy at work at all since Mr. Williams is in the hospital. He is getting out today. He will have to go to Mobile each week day to have the antibiotic treatment done. His daughter, Dinah who is a Physicians Assistant, will give it to home on the weekend. I am not sure how long he will have to do that, the Dr had said 5-6 weeks. He said he hoped that soon he could come in during the afternoon to the office some. The most important thing is for him to follow Dr's orders and prayerfully the infection will go away and he will not loose his foot.

We are ALMOST fully decorated for Christmas. I put the tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Sunday, Russell and Luke put up the 6 blow ups that we have and I put up the Christmas village inside. Yesterday, Russell put up half the icicle lights. I put up the garland in the house. I need to decorate the porch but it has been to cold for me. We are like the Griswalls we have so many decorations! HA!

Luke is LOVING the decorations. We have been praying for the blow ups for months now! That is all that he can talk or think about since we have them up. If the wind blows hard, he worries they will fall over. Frosty blew a fuse last night and he came in crying and saying that Frosty was dead. Thankfully, we had a fuse and Russell got him fixed before we had to go rush out to buy a new one!!! It will drive you crazy a little but then Russell reminded me last night that once he is older he will not enjoy it as much and we will want these days back! :( Of course, the said this while not wanting to go outside with a flashlight to fix Frosty, HA!

Cole looks at the lights some but he is not too impressed by them. He has rolled to my tree a few times but not many. Although, I know crawling is his next big milestone, I would prefer him to wait until AFTER Christmas to learn how and make my life easier!!!

I have taken some precious pics of the kids in front of the Tree. Now, I have to decide which ones to use. I am ready for my cards to go in the mail! I have an idea of what I want to do. I have to call my great friend, Ensley, to see if she will design them the way I want them (Ensley are you reading this!?!HA!) I know she is ready for me to buy a program like hers and leave her alone!!

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