Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last day of work until December 29th

I will be off until Dec 29th after today. Luke was excited when I told him I would be off with them for 10 days. Cole will even be more spoiled if that is possible. Russell will be out of school after tomorrow until January 5th. We will all get to spend a lot of time together.

Tomorrow is Luke and Cole's Christmas party at the babysitter. It is at 300. At 630 Russell and I have reservations at Gaines Ridge. Ever since we have been dating we have always gone during Christmas to eat. It is so beautifully decorating! I almost waited until too late to get reservations this year. They had a cancellation tomorrow night, so, that worked out great for us.

Saturday we do not have plans so far. I need to go to Walmart without the boys to finish some things at some point. Sunday we will go to church and our Choir's Cantata is Sunday night and we have a fellowship afterwards.

I am trying to decide now what I want to bake for us to snack on during the week. I always like having different things to snack. I will buy groceries tonight, so, I need to get to deciding pretty quick I reckon.

I got my cards in the mail Tuesday. Everyone should be getting them today or tomorrow.

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abryant said...

We got our card and it is just precious. I love the collage of photos!! Did you do them online Walmart? Or did you go to the store? I printed mine at RiteAid and the quality isn't great. I'm working on addresses now. Maybe yours will get there before Christmas....