Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting ready for Santa!

Well, on the way home I realized that I could not get the gifts out of the closet after Luke & Cole went to sleep b/c the sleep in our bedroom where the closet is!! When we got home, Luke had to go to the bathroom. So, while he was in there I am make a MAD DASH through the house getting presents into another closet for later!!

We get them to bed about 1030/100. I wake up around 1200 and put out everything I can before waking Russell up to go outside to get the big stuff. One of us had to be in the bed in case Luke woke up and was by himself b/c he would come looking for us! Yes, we're bad parents and he sleeps with us - no lectures please!HA! I get Russell up and go back to bed while he is carrying the big stuff in. Then when he comes back to bed, I get up to put any finishing touches on I see.

I always take a pic of the tree and presents after Santa has arrived. It's 1245 am and I go to take the pic. I CANNOT FIND MY CAMERA!!! I panic and realize that I left it at Russell's parents. So, I go wake Russell up to tell him and he goes to get my camera. I am laying in bed praying that Luke or Cole will not wake up before he gets back! He takes his cell phone so he can text me when he has found it and is on his way home! He got back around 130. He had to go slow because it was so foggy. Everone that knows how obsessed I am with pics will know I was FREAKING out!

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