Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to work

Well, The work day is almost done. It is so dreary with the rain threatening and looking cloudy all day.

Cole is still have sleepless nights. These ear infections this time are causing him to wake up during the night more than the ones before.

Luke got some more blow up Christmas decorations this weekend. They had 4 foot ones on sale at Walgreens for $10. He got 3 for our house and 2 for mom & dad's in all. He LOVES Christmas!!! If everyone loved it through his eyes, this world would be completely different.

I had lunch with Sky today. It was nice to get to catch up in person! She was in Grove Hill interning some of her court reporting hours. We ate at the Deli.

Russell has to go to a basketball game tonight for crowd control. I am not cooking supper for just me and Luke. We will eat what we can find that's easy.

Tomorrow night is the Children's Christmas Tree at church. All of the children get a $1 (a tradition started years ago by a sweet, sweet man in our church that is now in Heaven) and a bag of fruit.

I cannot believe that Christmas will be here in 9 days!!! I need to finish wrapping presents!! I have one last minute one to buy that Luke has decided to start asking for every time we go to Walmart.

It's almost time for me to shut the computer down and go home. Y'all have a good night!

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