Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trying to get caught up on blogging.

I may have to do this in stages. I have been so busy that I have not been able to update this since Dec 23rd. I did not realize it had been that long! Boy time flies!

I was off all last week and was busy every day of it. I wish we were all able to slow down and enjoy our time more!

Christmas Eve: I cooked supper for my parents. We had Poppy Seed Chicken, Casserole, String Beans, and Rolls. It was very good. I half the casserole and still had way too much!! We opened one gift that night. We gave my parents an ornament with Luke's hand print turned into Santa and Cole's foot print turned into a Christmas Tree. I had made me one earlier at the Pottery Shop. Luke got a Cars Matching Game and Cole got a little John Deer tractor that makes popping noise from them. I got a tiger print shirt and Russell got some gun shells from them. WE had a great time together! Luke got ready to open most gifts and informed us he was ready to go to Pop/Nanas. We had to have several talks with Luke about wanting "more" and his attitude that night.I think he is having a "delayed" reaction to not being the complete center of attention anymore.

We went to Russell's parents. We have finger foods there. Yes, we ate at both places, HA!! That's what you do on Holidays isn't it? We open one gift there too. Luke got a coloring book from them. Russell got a shirt. I got a Summer Sausage. Uncle Mike and Aunt Leta gave Luke two shirts, a pair of pants, and a sticker making machine that he LOVES. They gave Cole two outfits. We gave Price a rattle and a Lamaze soft building/stackable block set. Some of Leta's family joined us for a little while. We left early to come home to get ready for Santa.

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