Saturday, November 29, 2008


Come on everyone sing "RAMMER JAMMER" with me, you know you want to!!! How sweet it is to beat Auburn 36 - 0!!!! GO BAMA!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!

Can I get a ROLL TIDE?!!!

Half time 10-0. I hope it holds and we put more points on the board!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New pics!!!

I took these Sunday before we left for church.

Preparing for the big day!

Well I have had a busy week. Monday was uneventful until the afternoon and I had to take Luke to the Dr. He has double ear infection, sinus infection and the Dr thought possible pink eye. He does not have pink eye though, thank the Lord!!!

Tuesday Luke was feeling better so we took Cole for his check up and his shots. His ears were clear, Thank God!! The antibiotics has given him a bad yeast infection. He got two shots and one oral vacine. Was a long day!!! Took almost 2 hours at the Dr!! UH!!!

Today we have been getting ready for tomorrow. Russell cleaned the yard and I cleaned the inside. He will shampoo that carpet tonight. I have baked my cornbread and saute'd my onions and celery and cooked my eggs to make the dressing. I am washing clothes. Cole has been fussy and had fever from the shots.

My boss has been put in the hospital for IV antibiotics. He has been having problems with his foot for a while. They did an MRI this week and he had an infection al the way to and in the bone. He is a diabetic. He will be in the hospital about a week and then on the IV meds for about 6 more weeks at home. Pray for him and his foot!

That's all for now. I need to cook supper.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last work day until December 2nd!! YAHOO!

I am so excited. In 15 minutes I will be off until December 2nd. It will be so great to have that much time off. It will be filled with things to do though.

Tomorrow and Saturday I do not have any plans. Just hoping that UMS beats Jackson tomorrow night! I wanted to go to the game but I will only suffer the cold for my husband's team!

Sunday we will go to church and Sunday night we have out Thanksgiving Supper there.

Monday is open to what I want.

Tuesday we take Cole to the Dr see if his ear infection is cleared.

Wednesday we do not have AWANA. I will probably go get groceries and start getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Thursday we will go to Russell's parents for lunch. I am cooking for my parents and my brother along with his wife and five sons that afternoon for a total of 13! Yikes, I need another guest b/c I do not like the #13! We can always count the pets since they will enjoy the scraps I am sure.

Friday me and mom are going to Meridian on our Annual Mother-Daughter Shopping Day! Russell will have the kids. We decided to go to Meridian this year instead of Mobile hoping to not be as crowded. I do not have a lot of shopping left, mainly it will just be a day for us to get away.

Saturday Fulton is having their Christmas parade that morning. I am not sure if the church is doing a float. If not, we will probably put our golf cart in so Luke can ride. It's a small parade, so, some people put golf carts and 4wheelers in it. It's all in fun!

Sunday we will go to church. Monday will be open and then Tuesday it's back to the normal working world!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, we lost Friday night, so, we're out of the playoff for the year. Russell does not know what to do each afternoon when he does not have practice. I guess I need to start making "honey do" lists, HA!!!

We did not do very much this weekend. Stayed around the house on Saturday until the Alabama game. Then we went to Mr. Ben and Mrs. Helen's to eat and watch the game. GO BAMA!!!

We went to church Sunday morning and back to church Sunday night. I have children's church this month. We're starting a new program with it. It is by David Cook and it is really good. Me and a girl named Kaylan have the 2s and 3s. There is one boy in there that can cause problems. I came home Sunday with scratches all over one arm from him! Pray for us!! Sunday night we had baptism - we baptised 5 that night. Praise God!!!! A few others were suppose to be there but they had a death in the family. Our church is growing and growing and God continues to bless.

Monday I was off. We ate lunch with mom and then Luke got a hair cut. We went home and stayed there the rest of the day.

Cole is pretty fussy with his ear infection this time. He starts crying off and on about 830 until he finally goes to sleep around 1100/1130. We go back tot he Dr on Tuesday, November, 25th to see if the infection are cleared after the antibiotics. The Dr said we will see at 9 months if he is still having the infections and if so, he will send us to an ENT.

Dad had a colonoscopy this morning. All was well. He has not been feeling well and has lost a lot of weight here lately. The Dr had given him antibiotics to see if that would help in case it was a bug that would not let go and he had been better since then. They biopsied some "pollups" but the Dr does not think they are anything to be concerned.

I am thinking about putting up my Christmas tree this week. I normally wait until Thanksgiving night to do it, but I am wanting to go ahead this year. I work alot on it and want to enjoy it a little longer this year.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cole has ear infections again

I took Cole to the Dr today. He has an ear infection again. Please, pray for it to go away with the first round of antibiotics.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am so glad today is Thursday. I have only worked two days this week but it has seemed like the longest week.

Cole has been fussy off and on for a week. Had fever a few times. I cannot decide if he is teething or if his ear infections are back. I am thinking about taking him to the doctor tomorrow to be safe on the ear infections.

Luke said a verse at AWANA this week and got his patch from the last two weeks. He has carried Cubby that he got last week with him everywhere and sleeps with it. He loves him so much!!!!

We play Jackson again tomorrow night for the 2nd round of the playoffs. They beat the mess out of us last time but we're hoping they cannot do it twice and that we turn the tables tomorrow night.

We do not have big plans for the weekend other than the game. Goody's is having a sale that I want to go to. Is there ever a time when Goody's is NOT having a sale?

I love that Christmas is almost here and am thinking about going ahead and putting my tree up SOON. I LOVE Christmas but do not look forward to the "business" of the season. I have looked at my calendar and starting Thanksgiving we have something pretty much every weekend until Christmas. Plus, traveling on Friday night's for football as long as we continue to win- GO TIGERS!

We do need to stop, remember and remind other that Jesus is the REAL reason for Christmas. We all have fun with Santa but we need to make sure our children know that we celebrate Christmas b/c of Jesus' birth not b/c Santa brings presents. We continually tell Luke and will continue with Cole that Jesus is the reason and that Santa comes with presents to celebrate Jesus' birthday just like we get presents on our birthday.

I have said for years we were going to start baking Jesus a birthday cake. This year Luke can really appreciate that and we will keep it as a tradition. We did a snowman cake last year. We did it before Christmas and not on the day, so, we would have time to enjoy making it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Luke got a prize for saying the MOST verses in his class for October

He got a stuff Cubby - his class' mascot. He was so excited!! He said 5 verses in the month of October!! I am so proud of him!!!

I just put Luke on the K4 sad

I cannot believe that my baby is old enough that I just called to get on the TLC list. Of course, many of you know he is already 4 but Russell insists that we hold him back a year, so, he will go to K4 at 5.

I put him on the list at TLC. She already has 23 on the list. She is considering starting a K5 next year too.

They go Mon-Thur. I drop him off at 745/800 and pick him up 1130/1145. I will be making flying trips during my lunch hour to get him where he needs to be. On Tuesdays, I will have to take Cole to the sitter too. My neighbor's daughter is going too, so, we will swap out some and that will help me. I am sure Poppa/Gaga or Pops will be willing to pick him up for me too if I need it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It seems like forever since I have been on here

HALLOWEEN FRIDAY: We had a great Halloween. We took Luke and Cole to a few houses and then to my parents before our hayride at church. Cole stayed with them since we were not sure if his ears were healed or not. We stopped at a few houses on the hay ride and then came back to church to roast marshmallows.

Saturday: Me, mom, Luke and Cole went to Jackson to the Fall Festival. I bought a cookbook. Luke played some games for prizes and played in those big "jumping things." Cole rode in the stroller and was sooo GOOD! We had him in it half the day and he only cried once when he was ready to eat.

That night me, Russell, Luke and Cole went to Thomasville to their Ghost Walk. We went to the Pottery Shoppe and had an ornament made Luke's hand print and Cole's foot print. We also had a platter made. They took Cole's foot print and Luke's hand print and made a dear out of them. VERY CUTE! We started doing ornaments a few years ago when they opened and hope to continue doing so for a long time.

Luke road the Ferris Wheel!!! I made the mistake of riding it with him. When they stopped us ON THE TOP I wanted to throw up!!! And was wishing I had of let Russell do it. Luke was having a BLAST!! He was turning and looking all around and I was trying to get him to be still! HA!!! My 4 yr old is braver than me! After going around once or twice I was ok but I doubt I do that again. He road those big swings by himself and went down a tall slide. He is growing up on us we both said! Cole had a long day and he was not impressed with the Ghost Walk!

Sunday: We went to church. That afternoon Cole & Luke both fell asleep after lunch at my parents. I went home and took a SHORT nap before they work up. We were bad and skipped church that night.

Monday: Me and mom took Cole for his recheck on his ears. THEY ARE WELL!!! Luke stayed with Russell's parents. We did a little shopping. Cole was so good. Especially with us dragging him all over Mobile all day long. He only cried when we did not get his bottle fixed fast enough.

Today: I am at work and wishing I was at home!