Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am so glad today is Thursday. I have only worked two days this week but it has seemed like the longest week.

Cole has been fussy off and on for a week. Had fever a few times. I cannot decide if he is teething or if his ear infections are back. I am thinking about taking him to the doctor tomorrow to be safe on the ear infections.

Luke said a verse at AWANA this week and got his patch from the last two weeks. He has carried Cubby that he got last week with him everywhere and sleeps with it. He loves him so much!!!!

We play Jackson again tomorrow night for the 2nd round of the playoffs. They beat the mess out of us last time but we're hoping they cannot do it twice and that we turn the tables tomorrow night.

We do not have big plans for the weekend other than the game. Goody's is having a sale that I want to go to. Is there ever a time when Goody's is NOT having a sale?

I love that Christmas is almost here and am thinking about going ahead and putting my tree up SOON. I LOVE Christmas but do not look forward to the "business" of the season. I have looked at my calendar and starting Thanksgiving we have something pretty much every weekend until Christmas. Plus, traveling on Friday night's for football as long as we continue to win- GO TIGERS!

We do need to stop, remember and remind other that Jesus is the REAL reason for Christmas. We all have fun with Santa but we need to make sure our children know that we celebrate Christmas b/c of Jesus' birth not b/c Santa brings presents. We continually tell Luke and will continue with Cole that Jesus is the reason and that Santa comes with presents to celebrate Jesus' birthday just like we get presents on our birthday.

I have said for years we were going to start baking Jesus a birthday cake. This year Luke can really appreciate that and we will keep it as a tradition. We did a snowman cake last year. We did it before Christmas and not on the day, so, we would have time to enjoy making it.

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sklay723 said...

I love your birthday cake idea for Christmas time!!!