Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last work day until December 2nd!! YAHOO!

I am so excited. In 15 minutes I will be off until December 2nd. It will be so great to have that much time off. It will be filled with things to do though.

Tomorrow and Saturday I do not have any plans. Just hoping that UMS beats Jackson tomorrow night! I wanted to go to the game but I will only suffer the cold for my husband's team!

Sunday we will go to church and Sunday night we have out Thanksgiving Supper there.

Monday is open to what I want.

Tuesday we take Cole to the Dr see if his ear infection is cleared.

Wednesday we do not have AWANA. I will probably go get groceries and start getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Thursday we will go to Russell's parents for lunch. I am cooking for my parents and my brother along with his wife and five sons that afternoon for a total of 13! Yikes, I need another guest b/c I do not like the #13! We can always count the pets since they will enjoy the scraps I am sure.

Friday me and mom are going to Meridian on our Annual Mother-Daughter Shopping Day! Russell will have the kids. We decided to go to Meridian this year instead of Mobile hoping to not be as crowded. I do not have a lot of shopping left, mainly it will just be a day for us to get away.

Saturday Fulton is having their Christmas parade that morning. I am not sure if the church is doing a float. If not, we will probably put our golf cart in so Luke can ride. It's a small parade, so, some people put golf carts and 4wheelers in it. It's all in fun!

Sunday we will go to church. Monday will be open and then Tuesday it's back to the normal working world!

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abryant said...

How nice to be off, but you're right it's busy busy times!! Have fun!