Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It seems like forever since I have been on here

HALLOWEEN FRIDAY: We had a great Halloween. We took Luke and Cole to a few houses and then to my parents before our hayride at church. Cole stayed with them since we were not sure if his ears were healed or not. We stopped at a few houses on the hay ride and then came back to church to roast marshmallows.

Saturday: Me, mom, Luke and Cole went to Jackson to the Fall Festival. I bought a cookbook. Luke played some games for prizes and played in those big "jumping things." Cole rode in the stroller and was sooo GOOD! We had him in it half the day and he only cried once when he was ready to eat.

That night me, Russell, Luke and Cole went to Thomasville to their Ghost Walk. We went to the Pottery Shoppe and had an ornament made Luke's hand print and Cole's foot print. We also had a platter made. They took Cole's foot print and Luke's hand print and made a dear out of them. VERY CUTE! We started doing ornaments a few years ago when they opened and hope to continue doing so for a long time.

Luke road the Ferris Wheel!!! I made the mistake of riding it with him. When they stopped us ON THE TOP I wanted to throw up!!! And was wishing I had of let Russell do it. Luke was having a BLAST!! He was turning and looking all around and I was trying to get him to be still! HA!!! My 4 yr old is braver than me! After going around once or twice I was ok but I doubt I do that again. He road those big swings by himself and went down a tall slide. He is growing up on us we both said! Cole had a long day and he was not impressed with the Ghost Walk!

Sunday: We went to church. That afternoon Cole & Luke both fell asleep after lunch at my parents. I went home and took a SHORT nap before they work up. We were bad and skipped church that night.

Monday: Me and mom took Cole for his recheck on his ears. THEY ARE WELL!!! Luke stayed with Russell's parents. We did a little shopping. Cole was so good. Especially with us dragging him all over Mobile all day long. He only cried when we did not get his bottle fixed fast enough.

Today: I am at work and wishing I was at home!

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