Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, we lost Friday night, so, we're out of the playoff for the year. Russell does not know what to do each afternoon when he does not have practice. I guess I need to start making "honey do" lists, HA!!!

We did not do very much this weekend. Stayed around the house on Saturday until the Alabama game. Then we went to Mr. Ben and Mrs. Helen's to eat and watch the game. GO BAMA!!!

We went to church Sunday morning and back to church Sunday night. I have children's church this month. We're starting a new program with it. It is by David Cook and it is really good. Me and a girl named Kaylan have the 2s and 3s. There is one boy in there that can cause problems. I came home Sunday with scratches all over one arm from him! Pray for us!! Sunday night we had baptism - we baptised 5 that night. Praise God!!!! A few others were suppose to be there but they had a death in the family. Our church is growing and growing and God continues to bless.

Monday I was off. We ate lunch with mom and then Luke got a hair cut. We went home and stayed there the rest of the day.

Cole is pretty fussy with his ear infection this time. He starts crying off and on about 830 until he finally goes to sleep around 1100/1130. We go back tot he Dr on Tuesday, November, 25th to see if the infection are cleared after the antibiotics. The Dr said we will see at 9 months if he is still having the infections and if so, he will send us to an ENT.

Dad had a colonoscopy this morning. All was well. He has not been feeling well and has lost a lot of weight here lately. The Dr had given him antibiotics to see if that would help in case it was a bug that would not let go and he had been better since then. They biopsied some "pollups" but the Dr does not think they are anything to be concerned.

I am thinking about putting up my Christmas tree this week. I normally wait until Thanksgiving night to do it, but I am wanting to go ahead this year. I work alot on it and want to enjoy it a little longer this year.

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