Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I just put Luke on the K4 sad

I cannot believe that my baby is old enough that I just called to get on the TLC list. Of course, many of you know he is already 4 but Russell insists that we hold him back a year, so, he will go to K4 at 5.

I put him on the list at TLC. She already has 23 on the list. She is considering starting a K5 next year too.

They go Mon-Thur. I drop him off at 745/800 and pick him up 1130/1145. I will be making flying trips during my lunch hour to get him where he needs to be. On Tuesdays, I will have to take Cole to the sitter too. My neighbor's daughter is going too, so, we will swap out some and that will help me. I am sure Poppa/Gaga or Pops will be willing to pick him up for me too if I need it.

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