Friday, January 30, 2009

Aerogarden Pictures

I planted the seeds on January 20th. Took this picture today, January 30.

If you click the picture, you can see a bigger version of it to see the sprouts!

Urgent Prayer Request

Hannah Grace Harrison has taken a turn for the worse. She needs platelets because she is bleeding somewhere. They did a CT this afternoon and it looks like her bowels are shut down. In the next 24-48 hours they will know if they have died or not. If they have died there is nothing that can be done.

God can fix this. He is the almighty and with one touch he can take this away. Please pray for Hannah Grace. This is very unexpected. We are going to start a prayer chain and I ask for you to do the same. Call every one you know and ask for prayers. We will lift this family up so high.

Thanks for your prayers and please pass this on for more prayers!

In God We trust,


Aerogarden is growing strong

All six of my herbs have sprouted. The dill is about two inches tall. I will do pics when I get a chance. I know I keep saying that. I have not done well with updating pics here lately. And those of you that "KNOW" me know that is not like me!

Thirty One Show

Thanks to everyone that ordered. I EXCEEDED my goal and got LOTS of free products and discounts. I can't wait for them to get here. :)

Mrs Connie

The pathology report came back. I really wish Dr would not guess on these things! There was a trace of cancer in a lymph nodes. They have an appointment with the Dr on Feb 19th to discuss what kind of treatment is needed.

She is out of the hospital and at her daughter's in Gadsden until she feels like the 3 hours ride home.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am $50 short of my Thirtyone Show goal

My Thirty-One show will be ending soon. Remember to PLEASE go to and then click Place an Order and then Select my name to shop under my show.

The show will end tomorrow, Wednesday, January 28th.

I am $50 short os my goal which will DOUBLE my rewards!

Mrs. Connie

She had the surgery yesterday. There was NO cancer in the lymph nodes Praise the Lord! They think the surgery got it all. The pathology will be back tomorrow and they will know for sure. Thanks for your prayers!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update on my Aerogarden

I have three herbs already sprouting!! I planted it on the night of the 20th. I am excited. Luke is too! The plant he picked as "his" has not sprouted yet, so, he has now changed plants, ha!:)

I will try to post pics soon.

Mrs. Connie's surgery is Monday morning

Please say a prayer for her. Please pray specifically that the surgery can get ALL the cancer!!! She has to be at the hospital at 430 AM, they will put some kind of dye in her at 600 AM and the surgery will be about an hour later.

Me, mom and my friend Lesley Graves are going to Birmingham for the surgery. We're going to leave around 800. We're hoping that will get us there at a good time to see her after recovery.

Luke and Cole are staying with Mrs. Helen and Mr. Ben. Luke keeps flip'flopping between staying with them or my dad. You never know what he will decide until the last minute. He will be spoiled either place! Cole will get to play with his cousin, Price. They do not get to spend much time together. They are two weeks apart, so, they will have fun playing together.

Of all things, I cannot find my charge to my TomTom!!! I had it last night but have searched all over for it!!!! I will turn the TomTom when we get into Bham instead of having it on the whole time to preserve the battery. I do have my OnStar for a year, so, I can always use it if the battery runs low. I rarely go to Bham, so, I have no clue where to go!!!

Please be in prayer for Mrs. Connie!! Thanks!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't forget to PLACE YOUR ORDER!

My Thirty-One show will be ending soon. Remember to PLEASE go to and then click Place an Order and then Select my name to shop under my show.

I would really appreciate your ordering. I am below my sales goals right now. My consultant is pregnant and trying to have some good shows right now. I know how she feels since I was in the same boat not too long ago with my kitchen gadget business of which I AM NOT ALLOWED TO POST THE NAME OF IT ON HERE, so, please don't comment with the name, ha!

My Birthday

I had a great day!!! Russell had a meeting that day and could go in to work a little later, so, he was there when I got up. Luke and Cole were up so I got my present that morning. I got an AeroGarden. You can check it out at I have been wanting one for a while. It allows you to grow herbs and peppers and lettuce and other items on your counter top. I also got Reeses Whipps - the only chocolate I will eat pretty much.

I got lots of calls and well wishes online that day. And cards in the mail.

Mom cooked supper for me, red beans and rice made HER way. I request this every year. She also made me a WONDERFUL Red Velvet Cake. I am still eating it each day for breakfast! I got money from mom and dad.

Mrs. Helen and Mr. Ben came over when we got home. I got money from them too.

I LOVE money! HA!

I am going to get my windows tinted with my money. There is a man in Grove Hill that has been doing it for years. He is going to tint them this weekend. I am ready for the sun to stay out of my kids eyes in the back seat. Those sun shades are not working for the backseat in the car.

It was a GREAT day!!! I don't fill any older now that I did on Monday!

Mrs. Connie

She got the MRI results back. The cancer is only in one breast. They will do surgery Monday morning. They will do the reconstruction then too. They will check the lymph nodes during that time as well. Please continue to pray for her. They will know more about treatments after the surgery. She will be in the hopsital 3-5 days.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More news on Mrs. Connie

She had the MRI. They will have to remove one whole breast and want her to decide if for precautionary purposes she wants to remove the other at the same time. They will do test at the surgery to see if it is in the lymphnodes. She will probably have to do chemo but not radiation.

Cole pulled up!

He did it in his bed the first time on Friday, January 16th. I had left the room so I missed it of course, UH HA! He was looking for me though is why he did it. We put him back down and got to see him do it the 2nd time.

This picture is from this morning when he pulled up at the couch.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update on Mrs. Connie

They are doing an MRI on Friday to determine the stage and containment of the cancer. Please continue to pray for her. Pray that the test will show the cancer is gone or contained in the breast!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Preacher's wife has cancer

She found out yesteday. It is breast cancer. Right now they are setting up test to determine what stages and how bad. Please pray for her and her family and our church family.
Cole slept all night last night. He was fussy off and on before I left for work. Mom said he took another nap pretty quickly. The Dr said he would be fussy for a day or so.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cole got his tubes today.

Cole got his tubes today. He has been fussy but other wise doing fine.

God was at work. When they called me yesterday they told me it would be 800 instead of 630 when they took him but that we still had to be there at 630. When Dr. Wilsoon came in and they told him they were doing some other man first, he told them NO that he was doing that baby FIRST!! Thank the Lord.

He was crying when he woke up horrible and Dr. Wilson did not make us stay in recovery he let us take him out. As soon as we went out the door he quieted down.

He slept the whole way home.

Thank you all so much for your prayers!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A uneventful weekend

Those kind of weekends are nice. We did not have any plans to do anything.

I had a headache most of the weekend. I think it it my eyes. I haven't gotten a new prescription in two years. I am goin to have them check on Jan 17th.

I really do not think I am worried about Cole getting tubes. I am worried about him waking up wanting a bottle and not being able to have it but not the procedure itself. I am a little nervouse about him being put to sleep. But I know so many that have done it perfectly fine, plus, I know God will take care of him.

We are leaving when Russell gets out of school tomorrow. Me and Luke have hair appointments at 130 tomorrow before we go. Luke is starting to look shaggy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Well the Gators did it last night!

I am proud for Tebow. He seems to be a true genuine Christian. We needs those kinds of roll models these days, they are few and far between in the "tv land" our kids see.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cole is getting tubes

We go Tuesday morning at 630. We will spend the night in Mobile on Monday night. They will put him to sleep, so, he cannot eat or drink anything after Midnight. PLEASE PRAY THAT HE WILL NOT WAKE UP WANTING A BOTTLE!

Dr. Wilson said it would take about 15 minutes to do them once the came and got him. He said they do them in order of age, so, him being 8 months he will be among the first.

Pray that it is successful with one set and this will stop the ear infections.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Hit Counter

I notice that my hit counter has reset itself. I wonder why? Anyone know if it resets after it reaches a certain number?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update on Cole's ears

We went to the Dr yesterday. He STILL has the infections. He was running a slight temp too. The Dr immediately told us to call the ENT for an appointment and tell them they sent us. She said there was nothing else they could do at this point. Dr. Wilson who Russell saw a few months back sees children also. We have an appointment Thursday at 315. I talked to the nurse and she said from the sound of it that he would definitely be getting tubes. It is possible by us going Thursday they could do them as soon as Tuesday. They do have to put him to sleep, so, he will not be able to eat or drink after midnight. Please, start praying now for this. We all know how a 8 month old baby wants his bottle when he wakes up.

I am ready for tubes, but I do not know if I am ready for my baby to be put to sleep!! That scares me. But I know God is on control.

The pediatrician gave him more antibiotics to keep taking until we go Thursday. Dr. Wilson's nurse said it was ok for him to take them.

We will go to Mobile and spend the night for the tubes. That way we will not have to get up and drive with him to Mobile and try to keep him ok without a bottle. That way we would be right by the office and not have to drive long with him. Since the procedur only takes about 20 minutes, Luke can go with us. We could not spend the night if we had to leave him. This way we can make it a "fun" night out for the family too.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Please Place an order

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