Sunday, January 11, 2009

A uneventful weekend

Those kind of weekends are nice. We did not have any plans to do anything.

I had a headache most of the weekend. I think it it my eyes. I haven't gotten a new prescription in two years. I am goin to have them check on Jan 17th.

I really do not think I am worried about Cole getting tubes. I am worried about him waking up wanting a bottle and not being able to have it but not the procedure itself. I am a little nervouse about him being put to sleep. But I know so many that have done it perfectly fine, plus, I know God will take care of him.

We are leaving when Russell gets out of school tomorrow. Me and Luke have hair appointments at 130 tomorrow before we go. Luke is starting to look shaggy.


sklay723 said...

Hi Jennifer! Just a quick note to tell you we are thinking of you as you travel to Mobile for Cole's surgery on Tuesday. Saying lots of prayers over Cole and the doctor and everyone working with him, as well as prayers of peace and calm for you and your family as you wait. I know it will all go great! Take care and keep us posted on how things work out. :)

abryant said...

I prayed last night and first thing this morning. I know that things went well. Can't wait to hear an update about how great he's doing. Dalton is complaining of bubbling in his ear so we're waiting to see if it gets any worse.