Saturday, January 3, 2009

Please Place an order

I am hosting a Thirty catalog show. They sale purses, wallets, backpacks, children's items, spa collections, stationery, baskets, candles, blankets, Bible covers and all kinds of things. Go to then click on "place an order" and then "select" on my name (Jennifer Stephens) to place an order under my show. I have MANY of their things and the quality is great. PLUS they monogram for FREE!!!!


abryant said...

Love the stuff, I'll have to see if I can afford any right now. How are Cole's ears?

Jennifer Stephens said...

They do have some great stuff. The prices are a little high on some things but their quality is great! And I think about it this way, If I go out and buy one in the store that is a "name brand" I spend that or more unless it's on clearance, ha!

I love the skirt purse that you can buy the different skirts for.

I have a lot from them and it is all good. I did a show just January to get their diaper for cole.