Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mrs. Connie's surgery is Monday morning

Please say a prayer for her. Please pray specifically that the surgery can get ALL the cancer!!! She has to be at the hospital at 430 AM, they will put some kind of dye in her at 600 AM and the surgery will be about an hour later.

Me, mom and my friend Lesley Graves are going to Birmingham for the surgery. We're going to leave around 800. We're hoping that will get us there at a good time to see her after recovery.

Luke and Cole are staying with Mrs. Helen and Mr. Ben. Luke keeps flip'flopping between staying with them or my dad. You never know what he will decide until the last minute. He will be spoiled either place! Cole will get to play with his cousin, Price. They do not get to spend much time together. They are two weeks apart, so, they will have fun playing together.

Of all things, I cannot find my charge to my TomTom!!! I had it last night but have searched all over for it!!!! I will turn the TomTom when we get into Bham instead of having it on the whole time to preserve the battery. I do have my OnStar for a year, so, I can always use it if the battery runs low. I rarely go to Bham, so, I have no clue where to go!!!

Please be in prayer for Mrs. Connie!! Thanks!

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