Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to work Tuesday

I am at work today. I am so sleepy. Cole cried off and on all day yesterday and last night until late. I got him to sleep at 9 and he woke back up at 915. He went down again around 10. He woke up at 130 for a bottle. I got up at 530 to get ready for work. He was feeling much better this morning. Since nothing is contagious I took him to the sitter and told her to call me if he got too fussy. I am so thankful to God that so far I have healthy kids and do not have to go through this often.

Russell had a JV game last night. They lost to Demopilis 8-6. He did not get hom until around 11.

Luke said he was spending the night with mom and dad. Well, at 1030 mom called to tell me Dad was bringing him home. This was right about the time I was falling to sleep, ha!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fulton Council Swearing In


You can click on the pic to make it bigger, I am the girl in pink on the end.

Poor Cole!

Well, Cole has Thrush which is what i though. The Doctor is calling him in some drops for it. And he has horrible diaper rash from it now, so, I have some things to do for that. He is not wanting to eat or drink right now b/c his mouth is raw. He is miserable! Thankfully, they are not making me come back to Mobile unless the medicine does not give him enough relief to start drinking. I can get him to drink a little here and there and eat some baby food but he needs more fluids. The Amoxicillin is what caused the Thrush and the Thrush caused the diaper rash. It is not contagious though, so, that's a good thing.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing Catch-up

It's been a few days since I have written any details.

Took Luke and Cole for their check-up on Thursday in Mobile:

Luke had to have 4 shots. He did great, did not even budge on the first one but they went downhill from there. By the last one he was screaming and huge tears rolling down. It too about an hour to get him fully calmed down. He is still sore some today.

Cole had to have two shots (one was a 3 in 1 shot) and an oral vacine. And when Dr. Hunter was examining him he said he has a very bad left ear infection with fluid on it and some buldging and the beginnings of one in his right ear!!! He had shows no signs on it! He gave him Amoxicilin for it. He said we did not have to come back in 2 weeks unless we needed to since his next check up is two months.

It took 1 1/2 hours at their visits - we were about to pul our hair out.

Then we went to eat at Red Lobster and had just enough time for a return to Bed, Bath & Beyond before my appointment. I did not even have time to spend my $38 store credit!!

I had my own check up too for 3 months after my last check-up after me c-section and tubal. You would think I have been "checked" enough, ha!!! It too 2 1/5 hours there!!!! By now me and mom both are bald, haha!!

We go home at 600 that night and I had to get to church by 630 for Salad Supper. I barely made it. I stayed for most all of it but had to leave a little early b/c I told them in the nursery if Cole or Luke got too fussy or ill to come and get me. Cole got pretty upset and they came for me like I asked them to.

Friday we had Homecoming - we won, YAHOO!!!!

Saturday Russell had jersey duty and I helped him with that and then we watched the Bama game. ROLL TIDE! I cooked Pizza Dip and Crabbies for the game. We always love snacks during the game.

Today we went to church and to mom's for lunch.

Last night and today, Cole is very fussy and pulling on his ears. Please, pray the medicine is working! He was showing no signs of ear infection until now and we have been on the medicine since Thursday night. The place where he had the 3 in 1 shot is very red and has a knot the Dr. said could be there for 5-6 weeks. I thought 4 shots last month was bad but these 2 have done his legs worse than the 4 did.

Luke is doing great from his shots. He was very tender to NO ONE touching his arm Thursday night and Friday but he is better now. He still does not like for one to be touched but not as bad as he was.

While Cole is napping and Luke is with Dad, I need to catch up on washing clothes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

GO BAMA!!!!!


The Bama Nation is so happy to have "our" Bama back!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well tonight will be my busy time. Not much going on at work - a little work but not too much.

Luke has to say "All have sinned." Romans 3:23 tonight. Then he will have one more verse to go to get his new vest. My class tonight is about praying for God's Will and not always assuming His will is what we want! That is a great lesson for me as an adult too!

Russell's JC team won Monday night. He is now 2-0!! YAHOO!! Go JV Tigers!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Made a flying trip to Walmart on my lunch hour

We normally buy groceries on Thursday night, but we have a Summer Salad Supper at church that night. AWANA is tomorrow night and Football Game Friday night. So I ran and picked up a few things we would be out of by this weekend. Nothing like a flying lunch hour, but I figured that was better than having to go tonight & put my going somewhere every night this week. I hate having to rush so much!

I am putting this on here b/c Russell jokingly said "Why did you go to Walmart? There's nothing on your blog about it!" HAHA! He apparently did not get that email I sent him.

Uhh.....back to work

Well, today is my Monday....dreaded back to work Tuesday. I will only be working today and tomorrow since we go to Mobile for doctor's appointments Thursday. Not much going on today so far.

Luke was still sleepy when I left him at BurBur's. As I was walking out the door this morning Cole spit up all over me, and I had to go back to change shirts. I am not really liking the shirt I have on, but I grabbed the first one I could find that matched. We were on the porch when it happen, and I bent done to wipe myself and him off and Luke came out wondering what happened - so sweet!

I got Cole and Luke's Halloween costumes now. They are both going to be fireman. Of course I will post pics of them when the day comes! We will have a Fall Festival at church that I am in charge of. There will be games, hay ride and Trunk or Treat.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The rest of our day

Well, we went to mom and dad's for supper. It is so wonderful to have them so close by. We stayed up there for a while and are now back at home waiting for CSI Miami to start. Luke took a long nap while we were there.

Monday Sept 22

Luke got his hair cut today. We met my friend Melissa and my mom for lunch afterwards.

Cole did not get his morning nap out, so, he was FUSSY!! I am sure the people in the Deli were glad when w left. Thankfully, he fell asleep on the way home.

We are just relaxing right now. Luke is watching Clifford and I am hoping Cole sleep for a while, ha!

I need to come up with something for supper. Russell has a JV game in Jackson tonight, so, he will not be here for supper.

That's all for now!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We beat W.S. Friday night!

It was a long trip. Got in the bed about 1215 and Russell did not get home until 130!

Here's a pic I took that afternoon. Our future Tigers!

Cole in his overalls! Ain't he so cute!

Cole is getting so long. This pic really shows it. We go Thursday (9/25) for his check-up.

Please No!

Please, PLEASE tell me Cole is not going to like balloons as much as Luke does!! PLEASE!!! HAHA!

Cole sits in his Exer-Saucer for the First Time!

He really liked it. I was afraid he would not do well it in since he is not sitting up yet but it supported him good. He even played with one of the toys. He sat in it twice tonight. Of course Luke had to get in a pic with him - he loves to have his pic took with Cole! I hope Cole learns to pose for me as good as Luke has.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Football Friday!

Been busy today. Luke stayed the night with my parents last night. Cole was up at 715. I have been washing clothes, and dishes. Got to pack mine and Luke's stuff for the game; and Cole's stuff to stay with my parents. Mom will bring him home to sleep when he gets ready to go down for the night. That's so nice not having to get him at midnight!

DHL came yesterday! I am in love with the Blackberry Curve already. Russell is loving the BlackJack II, so, we are both happy with our phones.

That's all for now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waiting on DHL to arrive

Russell's cell phone literally feel apart Sunday night. Through a good online deal, I have ordered a Blackberry Curve for $20!! He has told me I can play with it and see if I like it better than my BlackjackII since the Curve is what I wanted originally but was not paying what is was going for when I got mine!

DHL tracking shows it is to be delivered today! I wish they would hurry up! I love playing with new gadgets! I could have sworn the normally run in the morning. I leave at 5 and will be mad if they are not here by then. Maybe I should call them....

My Friday!

Yahoo Thursday is my Friday!!! I am so glad to be at my last day of the work week!

Luke said both things at AWANA last night. He has two to say next week and he will get a new vest & book for this year to start earning his patches.

I have one additional child in my class last night, for a total of 10! The older class had some new ones as well.

It is cool and foggy here this morning. It has been nice getting to turn the AC off some this week!

We travel to Brewton tomorrow night to play WS Neal. Go Tigers!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Not too much going on today. Just a little work. Then we go to AWANA tonight at church. Luke has to learn :God loved us and sent His Son" 1 John 4:10 His AWANA class learns small versions of the verse and then when he promotes classes they learn the whole verse. He also has to learn his class motto: Jesus loves me. He knows them already so he should do good tonight!

We watched the Biggest Looser last night. That is one of Luke's favorite shows to watch. He has been asking for a while when it was coming back on. He picked Orange as his favorite team which was a big surprise to us b/c many of you know he does not like the color orange because of Auburn! GO BAMA! He did ask a few times where "Kelly" from last year was. We always called her "whinny Kelly!"

That's all for now folks!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yeah Mom I can hold my toy and chew it!!!

Cole holding his frog and chewing it!! This is the first time he has really held it good!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go THS Tigers!

Here's Luke and Cole in their jerseys!

Friday, September 12, 2008

YAHOO! We got a WIN!

We beat B. C. Rain for our first win of the season. YAHOO!! Hopefully, this is the beginning of a winning season.

A little girl named Gabby that use to go to church with Luke was at the game. They loved each other in class together. He was so EXCITED to see her. He kept telling me the 1st quarter that it was her but I did not think she would be there. At the end of the 2nd quarter she came closer to us and I realized he was right. When will I ever learn he knows more than me? HA! So, they played the rest of the game. Her and another little boy even walked to the concession stand and bathroom with us at half time. They just hugged when she left!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

AWANA went great :)

Luke had a blast! He got his entrance booklet to start on and once he completes it he will get a new vest.

I had 9 kids in my class. We were expecting 14. Hopefully, the rest will come next week. We have several children that have been riding the van to church on Sunday that we are hoping will start coming on Wednesday. Maybe through the children we can reach their parents and entire family. Pray for this! And for us handling those that are "unchurched" and we're teaching how to act and behave while in God's house.

The children have to wear tennis shoes to AWANA to make game time safer. This is the ONLY time Luke will wear tennis shoes without a fight. He will even remind me to change his shoes before we go. Well, last night we found out his that he has only wore about 3 times are too little. He did wear them last night. So, off we go this weekend to get him new tennis shoes!

Well, let me get to work!

Storm Tracking Website

This is a neat website for Hurricane Tracking! We sure need it this time of the year! We have been so fortunate this year to miss the storms up to now, but so many others have not been. Say a prayer for those affected by these storms. One day it could be us!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AWANA Starts tonight

Luke is so THRILLED that AWANA starts back tonight!! He asked me last night how much longer and when I told him one more day he started hollering. I am so happy that he loves going to this church program so much. He will be in the same book as last year. They will start it from the beginning. There are a lot of new kids in there and it is easier for them to start it over than have ones starting in different books. He will learn and retain that much more out of it. He will get a new vest to start earning patches on with his new book. He was told they have new coloring books and puzzles too that have Cubby (their class mascot) on them and he was talking about that at lunch.

This year I will be the Director of my class instead of a helper. I am excited about that. I love the kids and I will be fun. I went and decorated my room Sunday afternoon. My class is starting a new curriculum, so, I have to get use to that at first but it will not be bad-just a little bit of a change.

Getting there will be hectic with me getting off at 500 but we will manage. Sometimes we eat at church, it all depends on if we like what they are having or not. And if I do not, I have decided to pick something up instead of trying to run myself ragged to cook something in time. I have to be there by 600 and by 530 if we are eating there. I just called the church and I will eat it but Russell won't. He does not eat dressing, eats cornbread but not dressing - go figure! Luke will pick the chicken out and dip it in ranch dressing, ha! My mom is keeping the nursery tonight, so, she will be keeping Cole.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Sept 9th

Today is one of my days off.

Russell forgot that it was Monday and thought it was Tuesday. So, he woke me up at 530 this morning!!!! I was kind of out of it and went in the kitchen to ask "Isn't it Monday or do I have my days mixed up?" He apologized for waking me up. And he emailed me later that morning to apologize!HA! He knows I love my sleep. At least I would not have been late for work if he had of had the days right, ha!

Me, Luke and Cole took our times getting ready. We went to Taco Bell for lunch. Then went to Walmart. I needed to get a rug for my Sparks room for AWANA on Wednesday night. The old one was awful looking and Bro. John (our preacher) told me I could go get a new one. I got a great bargain!!! The one I wanted was regular $75 on CLEARANCE for $35 and I had some VBS supplies to take back that was $18, so, I ended up spending $22 in all with three little animals that I bought too!!!

We have just been lazy this afternoon. Cole is napping right now and Luke is watching cartoons waiting for me to finish this so I can fill a water balloon up.

I am cooking potato pancakes (Yum-O) and steak for supper. Luke wants fish sticks.

Hope yall have a good night!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Not much going on. Me and Luke went to the game Friday night. We road with Mr. Ben while my parents kept Cole.

Saturday we stayed around the house most of the day. We went to Old Mexico to eat that night. Luke fell asleep laying on Russell's leg in the booth. Cole drank his bottle in the car seat.

Sunday morning we went to church and then to my parents for lunch. Russel went to a football meeting. Cole and Luke stayed there while I went to church to work on my AWANA room and then I came back to get them. We skipped church at night.

Right now we are waiting on Russell to get home. I think I want to go to Sonic for supper! Maybe Russell will want to go to!

Friday, September 5, 2008

We lost to UMS 21-14

I thought we were going pull it out in the final seconds of the game but it just was not in the card for us to beat them as usual. Maybe one year!

Our Friday Sept 5th.

Got to sleep a little later than usually. Cole got up about 715 instead of me getting up at 530/600 to get ready for work. I love being off on Friday and Monday! Luke got up not too much later. Fed Cole and watched tv with Luke. Cole went back to sleep around 900 and I got dressed and ready for the day.

We went to Grove Hill to have lunch at the Democrat Deli. They always have fish and cheese grits on Friday but we are usually heading toward Thomasville. It was a very good lunch. Cole ate bananas while we were eating fish and grits. I tried to give him grits but they were too thick for him. Luke loves eating at Mrs Janets!!! Especially when they have cake for dessert!

Cole is napping and we are waiting for 400 to get here. We leave then with Mr. Ben to go to Mobile for the ballgame against UMS. My parents are keeping Cole. There is a chance of rain, so, I decided to not take him with us and mom & dad are keeping him.

Well that's about it for now. I am going to go relax and get our things ready to go.


Here are our two boys all dressed to watch the game last weekend! GO BAMA!!! I sure hope we continue to look as good as we did last week.

Cole has baby food

His favorite is bananas. Of course now that he has had something with flavor in it, he does not really care for the formula as much. But then who can blame him?! He has eaten squash, pears, oatmeal with applesauce and peaches too. We will try carrots and sweet peas this week.

Cole finds his feet!

Cole has discovered he has feet and he loves playing with them! We keep waiting for them to find their way into his mouth as much as he loves chewing his hands his feet are sure to be next!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday, Sept 4

Went to church last night for my meeting and got my AWANA stuff. I have a new helper, thank goodness b/c I needed another one. We will have about 14 kids in the class. Alot of it requires one on one time. I am currenting digging in the new books!

Today has been uneventful. my boss is out of county in Court.

Me and mom will go buy groceries tonight.

Doesn't my day sound exciting? :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Came to See Luke Friday night

Thursday night after his visit he fell asleep before he put his tooth under his pillow. He awoke Friday morning mad b/c the Tooth Fairy did not come. So, Friday night he put the tooth under his pillow.

She bought him $2.00 and a giblet for his crocs!

I know some kids are getting $10 and $20 these days but I am sorry if your kids are one of them but that is wayyyy to much money! Especially since it cost me almost $800 to get it out, HA!

I have a pic at home of him getting his stuff out from under the pillow that I need to remember to add here.

Russell's JV Team beat CCHS

Well, Russell is 1 and 0 with the JV Football team. They beat CCHS last night. He was proud!

Luke was not happy that we did not go to the game. When I had Luke I quit going to JV games and only go to Varisity ones. It made my life easier to only go to one game a week. I am hoping to stick to it now that we have 2 kids. But Luke is not going to be happy with that. But I like being at home too and football season gets hectic.

Wednesdays are so busy

I have a meeting tonight at church at 6 regarding AWANA starting back next week. I love AWANA and Luke loves it and wants go every night once he gets back into going. He has asked all summer when it is starting back.

Wednesdays are so hectic. I get off work at 5. Most Wed nights we eat at church which helps out a lot but we need to be there by 530 to have time to eat and be ready for AWANA to start at 615. I am a teacher so I need to be in the sanctuary at 600 to watch kids.

The last two years I have been a helper in Sparks but this year I will be the Leader. Our Leader is now the Director for the entire AWANA. I should get my materials tonight. Of course those that know me well enough, know I am freaking a little b/c I only have them one week ahead of time.

Luke will be in Cubbies again this year. This will be his 3rd year in there. The first year we started him earlier than the class called for b/c I was teaching and it was easier for him to go with me. He learned so much even that year as a 2 year old and more last year as a 3 year old. I am sure he will fly through the book this year as a 4 yr old. Especially since, the way the rotation and some things worked out he has been in the same book for those 3 years. We will start his vest new again so he can earn patches and put them in the right place. Next year they will move to Book Two and he will finally get to complete his vest! He does not like it when he starts a new one over, he likes his patches!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We lost to Sweet Water

Well, we lost to Sweet Water Friday night 30-14. We play UMS this Friday night in Mobile. Luke and I will go. I am trying to decide about taking Cole with me. I want him to go but when we went to the pep rally Friday we had to leave b/c he did not like the nosie AT ALL!

9/2/08 City Council Swearing In

Well I went to my City Council meeting for lunch. We normally have it at night but had to certify the elections results from last week by 12 today. Yahoo I got re-elected! We had the swearing in today too. It is normally in November but they went ahead and did it today since the paper was there. The article should be in the Clarke County Democrat next week.


Sinus infections are horrible. I feel like crap! Nothing more to say today, ha.