Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waiting on DHL to arrive

Russell's cell phone literally feel apart Sunday night. Through a good online deal, I have ordered a Blackberry Curve for $20!! He has told me I can play with it and see if I like it better than my BlackjackII since the Curve is what I wanted originally but was not paying what is was going for when I got mine!

DHL tracking shows it is to be delivered today! I wish they would hurry up! I love playing with new gadgets! I could have sworn the normally run in the morning. I leave at 5 and will be mad if they are not here by then. Maybe I should call them....

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abryant said...

I see that the phone came! Russell called last night to tell me he got a new one. You found an awesome deal! That's great! I don't want a fancy new phone that's just more to break:) Dylan chews on mine all the time. Hope yall have a great weekend!