Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AWANA Starts tonight

Luke is so THRILLED that AWANA starts back tonight!! He asked me last night how much longer and when I told him one more day he started hollering. I am so happy that he loves going to this church program so much. He will be in the same book as last year. They will start it from the beginning. There are a lot of new kids in there and it is easier for them to start it over than have ones starting in different books. He will learn and retain that much more out of it. He will get a new vest to start earning patches on with his new book. He was told they have new coloring books and puzzles too that have Cubby (their class mascot) on them and he was talking about that at lunch.

This year I will be the Director of my class instead of a helper. I am excited about that. I love the kids and I will be fun. I went and decorated my room Sunday afternoon. My class is starting a new curriculum, so, I have to get use to that at first but it will not be bad-just a little bit of a change.

Getting there will be hectic with me getting off at 500 but we will manage. Sometimes we eat at church, it all depends on if we like what they are having or not. And if I do not, I have decided to pick something up instead of trying to run myself ragged to cook something in time. I have to be there by 600 and by 530 if we are eating there. I just called the church and I will eat it but Russell won't. He does not eat dressing, eats cornbread but not dressing - go figure! Luke will pick the chicken out and dip it in ranch dressing, ha! My mom is keeping the nursery tonight, so, she will be keeping Cole.

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abryant said...

Hope tonight is fun! I know it will be. It does occupy the entire night though! At least it's worth it. I'll say prayers that the night goes great!