Friday, September 12, 2008

YAHOO! We got a WIN!

We beat B. C. Rain for our first win of the season. YAHOO!! Hopefully, this is the beginning of a winning season.

A little girl named Gabby that use to go to church with Luke was at the game. They loved each other in class together. He was so EXCITED to see her. He kept telling me the 1st quarter that it was her but I did not think she would be there. At the end of the 2nd quarter she came closer to us and I realized he was right. When will I ever learn he knows more than me? HA! So, they played the rest of the game. Her and another little boy even walked to the concession stand and bathroom with us at half time. They just hugged when she left!

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abryant said...

Dalton had a friend at the game here Friday night. He played the entire time, he was dirty from head to toe! Watching the game was easier though!