Thursday, September 11, 2008

AWANA went great :)

Luke had a blast! He got his entrance booklet to start on and once he completes it he will get a new vest.

I had 9 kids in my class. We were expecting 14. Hopefully, the rest will come next week. We have several children that have been riding the van to church on Sunday that we are hoping will start coming on Wednesday. Maybe through the children we can reach their parents and entire family. Pray for this! And for us handling those that are "unchurched" and we're teaching how to act and behave while in God's house.

The children have to wear tennis shoes to AWANA to make game time safer. This is the ONLY time Luke will wear tennis shoes without a fight. He will even remind me to change his shoes before we go. Well, last night we found out his that he has only wore about 3 times are too little. He did wear them last night. So, off we go this weekend to get him new tennis shoes!

Well, let me get to work!

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abryant said...

New shoes!! Ugh! At this point Dalton likes to pick out what he thinks is Cool, even though I may hate it. Currently he has black Nike's. I wish he wasn't so fond of black, but if he could wear black every day, he would. I'm glad class went good. I will pray for those kids to keep coming. Our youth that used to come on the van were terrible. They've come a long way. It's just sad that they haven't ever been to church and don't know how to act. I don't even think their parents would correct them outside of church. Some children just aren't as fortunate as ours:)