Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Uhh.....back to work

Well, today is my Monday....dreaded back to work Tuesday. I will only be working today and tomorrow since we go to Mobile for doctor's appointments Thursday. Not much going on today so far.

Luke was still sleepy when I left him at BurBur's. As I was walking out the door this morning Cole spit up all over me, and I had to go back to change shirts. I am not really liking the shirt I have on, but I grabbed the first one I could find that matched. We were on the porch when it happen, and I bent done to wipe myself and him off and Luke came out wondering what happened - so sweet!

I got Cole and Luke's Halloween costumes now. They are both going to be fireman. Of course I will post pics of them when the day comes! We will have a Fall Festival at church that I am in charge of. There will be games, hay ride and Trunk or Treat.

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