Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Friday Sept 5th.

Got to sleep a little later than usually. Cole got up about 715 instead of me getting up at 530/600 to get ready for work. I love being off on Friday and Monday! Luke got up not too much later. Fed Cole and watched tv with Luke. Cole went back to sleep around 900 and I got dressed and ready for the day.

We went to Grove Hill to have lunch at the Democrat Deli. They always have fish and cheese grits on Friday but we are usually heading toward Thomasville. It was a very good lunch. Cole ate bananas while we were eating fish and grits. I tried to give him grits but they were too thick for him. Luke loves eating at Mrs Janets!!! Especially when they have cake for dessert!

Cole is napping and we are waiting for 400 to get here. We leave then with Mr. Ben to go to Mobile for the ballgame against UMS. My parents are keeping Cole. There is a chance of rain, so, I decided to not take him with us and mom & dad are keeping him.

Well that's about it for now. I am going to go relax and get our things ready to go.

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abryant said...

Good Luck tonight! Y'all have a fun time and we will pray for no rain. I'm bringing the boys to the game with me, they will have so much fun~and my students can't wait to get their hands on them:) I love the photos of Luke I'm going to get some more up of my boys soon. I just have to figure out how! Y'all be careful:)