Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to work Tuesday

I am at work today. I am so sleepy. Cole cried off and on all day yesterday and last night until late. I got him to sleep at 9 and he woke back up at 915. He went down again around 10. He woke up at 130 for a bottle. I got up at 530 to get ready for work. He was feeling much better this morning. Since nothing is contagious I took him to the sitter and told her to call me if he got too fussy. I am so thankful to God that so far I have healthy kids and do not have to go through this often.

Russell had a JV game last night. They lost to Demopilis 8-6. He did not get hom until around 11.

Luke said he was spending the night with mom and dad. Well, at 1030 mom called to tell me Dad was bringing him home. This was right about the time I was falling to sleep, ha!!!

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