Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's hump day!

Wednesday means I have one more work day left, YAHOO!!

We have AWANA tonight. Luke said two verses last week to complete his entrance book, so, tonight he gets his new vest, book and bag. He is excited!! I will take my camera and post pics tonight or tomorrow!

I haven't had much time to prepare with Cole being sick this week (He is much better - thanks for your prayers!). We have some DVDs that have stories with the charactes in our books that I have not used yet. I think I will let them watch one or two of them tonight. That will be a nice change for them. And I do not like to half way teach a lesson.

I am in charge of our Fall Festival at church on October 30. I need to get "in the mood" and get going with planning & ordering stuff.

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abryant said...

GO LUKE!! I'm proud of you! I think I'm going to work some with our fall festival. I love it, maybe we can have some kind of costume contest. Do yall have a cake walk? We do that each year and the adults even love it!!