Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Roll Tide!!! Go Bama!!! #2 in the Nation!

Had a "show" yesterday. It went really good. Can't post what type show on here but those that know me know what kind it was. Hopefully, have about three bookings off it too on top of good sales.

Went to church this morning. I had children's church today too.

Cole has not felt good today. He has had fever off and on all day. He is napping now, so, I am sure he will wake up and I will be up half the night! I should nap now too, but it's too early for me. It's 8:51 in case you were wondering.

My dad got Luke a horse on Friday. He has ridden it 3 days straight, so, now dad is talking about going get him a smaller pony. If you know my dad you know it is his dream for Luke and/or Cole to LOVE horses! I forgot to take my camer up there, another day I will have some to post.

Well, Cole is waking up so that's all for now!

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Anonymous said...

awwh how is Cole today? It is a wonder Lydia hasn't gotten sick bc of Alana being around everything at SCHOOL!!
Well what are you two going to be for Halloween or do I have to wait? I actually ordered my cards Friday, so u will see what we are before too long!! LOL
How is Russell?
I agree with you, I really hate facebook... Myspace is what i like...
It is more fun and lots easier to do creative things and such.. Oh well do we even have time anyway?!!
I jhave been pretty busy with m y photography, but i just never change up my website... Oh well maybe oneday!!
Well we will talk later