Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I can never think of "catchy" titles!

Yesterday was a long day. I had a council meeting at 6 after work. Normally. they last aout 30 minutes. Luke went with me and sat in a chair. Well, my dad came to get him at 700 b/c he knew he would be ready to go. I think we finally finished about 800. Then I went to gets the kids from my parents and ate left overs that mom had for supper.

Russell had a JV game, so, he did not get home until about 830/845 when we were driving up. They lost to Jackson. he was not feelng well. Those test Monday made his dizzyness and ringing ears worse. Please pray the "epley" cures this stuff!!

I am at work now. Not too much going on. Waiting on a mortgage company to run out of excuses and get me a loan closing package that we have been waiting on since last week.

We have AWANA tonight. I hope I have time to study my lesso today b/c I have not looked at it. If I do not, we will watch some of the DVD cartoons that goes along with me class. They loved that last time!

Luke has to say "Call his name Jesus, he shall be great." Luke 1:31-32. He knows it but once again you never know what he will do when he gets there. He will get his patch tonight for the two verses he said last week! Pics will be posted tomorrow!

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