Thursday, October 23, 2008

Russell's Doctor's visit

We got the Epley and MRI done. I am suppose to call late tomorrow afternoon for the results of the MRI.

For 48 hours after the epley he can only turn his head side to side. He has to sleep in the recliner tonight. There is NO jumping up and down at the ballgame tomorrow night - please PRAY for that! He said right now the dizziness is better but the ringing of his ear and fullness in his ears are not better. I am assuming that it takes 48 hours for the full effects since he cannot do certain things until after 48 hours.

We ended up doing the epley at 3 instead of 10 b/c they said he could lay in the MRI after the epley. They said it was rare for someone to fail all 4 test and they did not realize how the scheduling needed to be, HA!! So, we had to kill 3 hours in Mobile.

Mr Ben was down there getting his truck serviced and he met us and took us for lunch. We walked around Sams and Best Buy the rest of the time.

I will let you know when I hear from the MRI tomorrow.

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