Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Monday your Tuesday

Had a good day off yesterday. Tiring but good. We met mom for lunch at the Deli. When she went to leave she had a flat tire. I called the Probation Office and they sent someone over to change it that was needing community service hours. Great b/c it cost us nothing! Mom did tip him $5! Cole fell asleep while we were waiting for that to be done. He slept until we got home and woke up when I laid him down - ill b/c he did not finish his nap. He fell asleep later on while we were riding the golf cart but once again woke up when I laid him down. He FINALLY took a good nap at 530! Luke played with some neighbors off and on all evening. He was not happy when I made him come in for supper.

Russell has a JC game. They beat CCHS! YAHOO!!

Today has been hectic. The babysitter called about 10 and needed all the kids picked up b/c her daughter is sick. I had something that HAD to be done today and mom could not take off work either b/c of an audit that has to be done ONCE a year. Wouldn't you know it all happens on the same day? I called and Mr. Ben went to get them for me. I am very thankful though this is the first time I remember having to scrounge to work things out and there are not many people that can say that about their babysitter!

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