Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Russell's Doctor's Visit yesterday

Russell had his tests yesterday. He failed all 4 of them. He has a version of vertigo, BPPV. The Dr said that is the best kind to have b/c there is a 90% chance of a cure. They will do a procedure called “epley”. His vertigo is caused by “rocks” on the end of hair follicles in the ear. The rocks have fallen off and the procedure will take about 45 minutes in office to get the rocks back in the correct area of the ear.

He does have hearing loss in his left ear.

He failed two other tests but the Dr thinks other symptoms are making him fail those test and not that he has it but is doing an MRI to make sure. One of the test indicates he could have a tumor that is NOT cancer that is causing some of his problems.

Another test indicates that he has minears disease which there is no cure for. It will cure itself but when it does you loose hearing in that ear. There is medicine to help it and you do a low sodium diet.

But the tumor and the minears disease the Dr personally does not think he has. The MRI will tell us about them and he said if the epley cured other symptoms then he did not have minears disease. He goes back Oct 23rd, at 10 they will do the epley and at 100 the MRI and at 245 we will see the Dr for the results.

If there is a tumor the Dr said he would monitor it before recommending surgery. Do another MRI in 6 months. He said that type is VERY slow growing and he would not recommend surgery unless it was growing. He told us he could not stress enough to us that it did not mean cancer.

It was a whirl wind visit and so much to take in. You go in just thinking one thing could be wrong and come out with 4 failed tests! He said Russell was rare in that he failed all 4 of them. He thinks he has had the asymmetrical hearing loss in his left ear his entire life.

Please keep Russell in your prayers and on your church prayer list too!!!! We know that God is in control.

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