Thursday, October 9, 2008

Luke did it!

Luke said BOTH verses at church last night, so, he will get his Hopper Patch next week. He was so excited! and so was I! This is the first time he has said two verses in one night - he is getting so big.

I had two new kids in my class. My class had a total of 12 last night, there were 2 absent that have came before. We have been having 10 most nights. They loved the demonstration with the paper airplane about what breaking the rules can do. We flew the plane into a big bowl of water to show it would mess up for breaking the rule of "no paper in water." Then talked about that if you let it dry flat you could make another plane with it. And then how God makes us "a new creature" when we trust Him as our Savior, and the Bible has rules for us to follow in it. They each made paper airplane and wrote some rules that God has for us on it.

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abryant said...

very cool activity, I'll have to remember it! I could probably use it for FCA one morning, I'll just have to change it a little to make bigger kids do it!