Thursday, October 30, 2008

TGIF for me!

We had AWANA last night. Luke got a Luvie Lamb patch for his vest. I forget to bring my camera, so, I could upload his picture. He also got a prize for saying the most verses in his class last week.

All the children are competing for the most verses. The child with the most in each class gets a prize. They earn a leaf to put on a tree in our hall for every verse they learn. The one with the most verses in the end gets a bigger prize. In the month of October, we have put over 200 leaves on the tree! It ends November 19th.

We're also bringing canned goods until then to take to needy families for Thanksgiving. We're putting a Bible verse on the top of each can as a witness.

We have our football game tonight against Demopolis. Playing on Thursday when I work, makes me VERY thankful I no longer work on Fridays and do not have to rush to get things ready to be at the game. I have to pack two bags, one for Luke & me for the game and one for Cole to have wherever he stays -usually with Mrs. Helen. Then when it is cold I have to get all our blankets and warm clothes together. I got everything ready last night and this morning to save time this afternoon. I had to wash and dry me some jeans this morning. I am use to doing that Friday while I am at home. Thursday is always our grocery buying night, so, I will have to do that tomorrow.

Saturday we plan to go to Jackson's Annual Fall Festival. I do not think we bought anything last year. Santa will be there and it will be a good opportunity for me to get the boys pictures done with him. It will be fun to see what Cole thinks about him. Last year Luke loved him but that could change from year to year.

I guess I better go actually do some work for the moment.

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