Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not much

Not much going on today. It's AWANA night. Luke knows two verses for tonight but we will see if he will say both of them when he gets there. He normally says one and tells them he will wait on the other one, HA!! After he said these 2 he will get a patch for his vest that he is wanting, so, that may help him say both. "Everything He had made was very good." Genisis 1:31 "God is true." I forget the scripture reference for this one! I should ask Luke, HA!

My AWANA lesson tonight is about why God has rules for us to follow. It uses a paper airplane and puts it in water to demonstrate how breaking the rules can affect us.

Jessica (my baby sitter's daughter) is in the hospital from yesterday. She has gallstones. They are taking her to Mobile and will know when they get there what type surgery they are doing b/c it is possibly infected and a stone is blocking a tube. Say a prayer for her!

Dad went to the knee doctor yesterday. Dr Hayes is so fine, I should have gone with him...I always joke and tell him he can just touch his knee and make it better, HAHA!! He needs knee replacement but his heart doctor will not release him to have it for another 6 months, so, they are trying a brace to see if that will give him any relief. Pray for him too!

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