Monday, September 29, 2008

Poor Cole!

Well, Cole has Thrush which is what i though. The Doctor is calling him in some drops for it. And he has horrible diaper rash from it now, so, I have some things to do for that. He is not wanting to eat or drink right now b/c his mouth is raw. He is miserable! Thankfully, they are not making me come back to Mobile unless the medicine does not give him enough relief to start drinking. I can get him to drink a little here and there and eat some baby food but he needs more fluids. The Amoxicillin is what caused the Thrush and the Thrush caused the diaper rash. It is not contagious though, so, that's a good thing.


abryant said...

every time Dylan takes an antibiotic he gets thrush. Right now I'm using clortrimazole for the diaper rash. I got it from the athletes foot section at CVS. He just got over an ear infectionand this time he didn't get the mouth rash just the diaper rash. It's only along the area that his diaper rubs. It looks so painful. For his mouth I used orajel. It worked for him however he never stopped eating. Hope something gives yall some relief.

Jennifer Stephens said...

Mom brought me Cole's medicine. I got him to eat some and gave him formula through the medicine dropper. I figure a little formula is better than none. Could not get him to sleep since it hurts to suck the bottle, so, we went for a ride in the car and thankfully he is napping now. He is exhausted, I hope he sleeps for a while.