Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing Catch-up

It's been a few days since I have written any details.

Took Luke and Cole for their check-up on Thursday in Mobile:

Luke had to have 4 shots. He did great, did not even budge on the first one but they went downhill from there. By the last one he was screaming and huge tears rolling down. It too about an hour to get him fully calmed down. He is still sore some today.

Cole had to have two shots (one was a 3 in 1 shot) and an oral vacine. And when Dr. Hunter was examining him he said he has a very bad left ear infection with fluid on it and some buldging and the beginnings of one in his right ear!!! He had shows no signs on it! He gave him Amoxicilin for it. He said we did not have to come back in 2 weeks unless we needed to since his next check up is two months.

It took 1 1/2 hours at their visits - we were about to pul our hair out.

Then we went to eat at Red Lobster and had just enough time for a return to Bed, Bath & Beyond before my appointment. I did not even have time to spend my $38 store credit!!

I had my own check up too for 3 months after my last check-up after me c-section and tubal. You would think I have been "checked" enough, ha!!! It too 2 1/5 hours there!!!! By now me and mom both are bald, haha!!

We go home at 600 that night and I had to get to church by 630 for Salad Supper. I barely made it. I stayed for most all of it but had to leave a little early b/c I told them in the nursery if Cole or Luke got too fussy or ill to come and get me. Cole got pretty upset and they came for me like I asked them to.

Friday we had Homecoming - we won, YAHOO!!!!

Saturday Russell had jersey duty and I helped him with that and then we watched the Bama game. ROLL TIDE! I cooked Pizza Dip and Crabbies for the game. We always love snacks during the game.

Today we went to church and to mom's for lunch.

Last night and today, Cole is very fussy and pulling on his ears. Please, pray the medicine is working! He was showing no signs of ear infection until now and we have been on the medicine since Thursday night. The place where he had the 3 in 1 shot is very red and has a knot the Dr. said could be there for 5-6 weeks. I thought 4 shots last month was bad but these 2 have done his legs worse than the 4 did.

Luke is doing great from his shots. He was very tender to NO ONE touching his arm Thursday night and Friday but he is better now. He still does not like for one to be touched but not as bad as he was.

While Cole is napping and Luke is with Dad, I need to catch up on washing clothes.

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