Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Sept 9th

Today is one of my days off.

Russell forgot that it was Monday and thought it was Tuesday. So, he woke me up at 530 this morning!!!! I was kind of out of it and went in the kitchen to ask "Isn't it Monday or do I have my days mixed up?" He apologized for waking me up. And he emailed me later that morning to apologize!HA! He knows I love my sleep. At least I would not have been late for work if he had of had the days right, ha!

Me, Luke and Cole took our times getting ready. We went to Taco Bell for lunch. Then went to Walmart. I needed to get a rug for my Sparks room for AWANA on Wednesday night. The old one was awful looking and Bro. John (our preacher) told me I could go get a new one. I got a great bargain!!! The one I wanted was regular $75 on CLEARANCE for $35 and I had some VBS supplies to take back that was $18, so, I ended up spending $22 in all with three little animals that I bought too!!!

We have just been lazy this afternoon. Cole is napping right now and Luke is watching cartoons waiting for me to finish this so I can fill a water balloon up.

I am cooking potato pancakes (Yum-O) and steak for supper. Luke wants fish sticks.

Hope yall have a good night!


abryant said...

Great bargain! Don't you just love getting a great deal. I wish I could find them more often.

abryant said...

Hey after reading your post yesterday, I remembered I had hot dogs in the freezer and a recipe for potato cakes too. So that's what we had. However, the boys didn't like the potato cakes. I got my recipe off of
It's a good site and I liked the potato cakes. Lots of cheap recipes. Anyway thanks for the dinner inspiration!