Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesdays are so busy

I have a meeting tonight at church at 6 regarding AWANA starting back next week. I love AWANA and Luke loves it and wants go every night once he gets back into going. He has asked all summer when it is starting back.

Wednesdays are so hectic. I get off work at 5. Most Wed nights we eat at church which helps out a lot but we need to be there by 530 to have time to eat and be ready for AWANA to start at 615. I am a teacher so I need to be in the sanctuary at 600 to watch kids.

The last two years I have been a helper in Sparks but this year I will be the Leader. Our Leader is now the Director for the entire AWANA. I should get my materials tonight. Of course those that know me well enough, know I am freaking a little b/c I only have them one week ahead of time.

Luke will be in Cubbies again this year. This will be his 3rd year in there. The first year we started him earlier than the class called for b/c I was teaching and it was easier for him to go with me. He learned so much even that year as a 2 year old and more last year as a 3 year old. I am sure he will fly through the book this year as a 4 yr old. Especially since, the way the rotation and some things worked out he has been in the same book for those 3 years. We will start his vest new again so he can earn patches and put them in the right place. Next year they will move to Book Two and he will finally get to complete his vest! He does not like it when he starts a new one over, he likes his patches!

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