Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Russell's JV Team beat CCHS

Well, Russell is 1 and 0 with the JV Football team. They beat CCHS last night. He was proud!

Luke was not happy that we did not go to the game. When I had Luke I quit going to JV games and only go to Varisity ones. It made my life easier to only go to one game a week. I am hoping to stick to it now that we have 2 kids. But Luke is not going to be happy with that. But I like being at home too and football season gets hectic.

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abryant said...

Congrats Russ!! Every game is a big deal especially when it depends on 7th and 8th graders mostly!! And Jennifer one ballgame a week is enough. I'm sure Russell understands. That is too much, relaxation is a must with 2 children.