Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa came!

I woke up about 630 and got Russell up. We then woke Luke up telling him Santa had came. I have always woken up early on Christmas, I have been known to get up about 4! I LOVE Christmas!!

We let Cole sleep so he would not be fussy and since he really did not know what was going on.

Luke was so excited when he realized that Santa had bought him Spike the dinosaur! He also got a writing learning game, Higglytown Hero DVD, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, clothes, books, stuffed Mickey Mouse and a stuffed pen thing from Bed, Bath & Beyond. And a few other small items and stocking stuffers.

Cole got a big jumper thing and some bath toys. Santa MADE himself go light since this is his first Christmas. Cole loved the paper and boxes. He would play and plat in it until he started eating them and I had to make him mad by moving him.

Russell got me the TomTom One XL I wanted, a Randy Owen CD, a necklace from Luke & Cole, a voice recorder, Paula Deen's new kid's cookbook, 3 Musketeers & Reese Whipps in my stocking. I am loving my TomTom - I used it when we went to Foley on Friday to find the restaurant we wanted to eat, the Shrimp Basket.

I got Russell an Ipod Nano, Itunes gift card, a funny calendar, Alabama sweat shirt, and money in his stocking.

I called my parents and woke them up around 700. We got up there around 800. Luke got a picnic table with sandbox as his BIG gift, clothes, money, Hallmark collectible ornament. Cole got money to open a savings account, a Frog that plays music, a dog that wags his tale, clothes, Hallmark collectible ornament, a bubble bee that lights up. We stayed there until around 900/930. Russell got jeans, two things of gun shells, and an Itunes gift card. They always do us a basket full of personal items - it was filled with things for all us like our favorite shampoos and conditioners, toothpastes, deodorants, bath stuff for the kids, mousse for me, all kinds of things that save us $. I got a new set of dishes (8 place settings), stocking full of Mary Kay makeup, cookbook holder, mixer cover. I think I have named everything!

We then went to Russell's parents for breakfast and gifting. Luke got a big wheel and some more coloring books. Cole got money for his savings account. Russell got a pair of pants. I got a pair of Yellowbox leopard print shoes. We ate breakfast and then came home to get ready to go back to my parents for lunch.

We went to my parents for lunch. Libby came to see us after lunch. We went back to Russell's parents for supper. We finally got back to our house around 800 and got to stay home all night!!! WHEW!! I am exhausted just thinking about the day again.

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