Thursday, December 11, 2008

We had Fulton's singing last night. It had to be moved to FBC church b/c of the rain. It went very well. I was stressing over having too much food, but we did not have as much left over as Iwas dreading. I revised my list today to know what to get next year. Eventually, I will have that list down to a T. HA!

Tonight we will go out in the call for Thomasville's Stroll. Santa is going to be there. We did pics there last year and they were GREAT. So, we're hoping for the same this year. We will not "stroll" afterwards b/c it is in the 30s.

I have my Christmas cards ordered! YAHOO!! I will pick them up on Saturday. Thanks Ensley for designing them for me! I promise I will get a program soon to be able to quit bugging you, ha!


927skyler said...

We were going to go but after eating Thursday night steaks at delmar mom decided she did not want to get out in the nasty weather.Hope it was a lot of fun!

Jennifer Stephens said...

We saw Santa & then left. It was sprinkling rain and too cold for anything else. I got pics of Luke and Cole together and along with Santa. The pics are great!

Ensley said...

i told u i don't mind...I design them all the time for others... WHY NOT SUCH A SPECIAL FRIEND!!??!!

If anyone you know of ever needs a card " of there on" for any occasion, please give then my website and they can contact me through it or my email.

I cant wait to see which design you chose!! You are so crazy!
well about to go to Alana's school, i am THE room mom and that keeps me there a lot!! But i have enjoyed it !!

Gotta Go!!