Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We had a busy weekend. Friday night me and mom had to decorate for the Christmas Tea at church. Russell had to do crowd control at the Basketball Games. Mrs. Helen and Mr. Ben kept the kids for us.

Saturday, we went to the Parade at 10. Luke got lots of candy. Cole watched it for a few minutes and then slept through it all including the fire truck sirens!

That afternoon I had the Tea at church. It was fun. We had about 140 ladies there. While I was at the Tea, Russell took Luke to a birthday party. We had a nursery, so, Cole went with me and stayed there.

During the middle of this the AL/FL game came on. I made it home for the 2nd half, which turned out to be the worse half. BUT at least we made it and are so much better than a lot of people ever thought we would be this soon. We WILL be National Champs SOON!!!! And we are going to a bowl game - the Sugar Bowl. SOME Teams are staying home and YES we're proud to say Auburn is one of them, HAHA!!

That night, Russell and I had to go to the Fireman's Christmas Supper. The Town Council is invited each year. Ezell's catered it, so, we had some GOOD food!! It was short and sweet. I am glad we were able to go this year. Usually something has come up and we have missed it every year but one until now since I have been on the Council.

Sunday we went to church that morning. Me and mom had a wedding shower to go to in Jackson for a cousin. Russell took the kids to see his mom and take her their birthday present - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. HELEN!!!!

Then me and mom went by Walmart on the way home. I had to get food for Fulton's Christmas singing tomorrow night. We orders platters from Walmart, ask people to make some things and then go get the remaining food. We prepare for 150 people. I will be exhausted by tomorrow night. Me and one other girl are in charge of all the food. You know the MEN are not touching any planning for a party! HA! It is suppose to rain, so, tonight we will make the decision of whether to move it inside just in case. I think it will be inside with the chance of rain I am seeing now!

Monday, I stayed around the house except for one quick trip to Walmart. Luke was not feeling well.

Today I am at work. Cole is at the sitter's. Luke stayed with my dad in case his not feeling week yesterday was contagious. My mom stayed home at lunch and they are on there way to Taco Bell for lunch now. He called a few minutes ago to tell me he was going to start staying with Poppa everyday that he did not fee good and he thought it would be 10 days before he felt better!! HAHAHAHA!!! HE IS SO FUNNY!!!!

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