Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am getting ready to leave for the Dr's visit. I forgot to mention last night for those reading this that do not know, we have to go 90 miles one way to see our Pediatrician or any good Dr for that matter. It's great to live in a small town, but it would be amazing not to have to drive to Mobile or Meridian, MS for good Dr's and shopping.

Cole went to sleep at 730 last night. I was expecting a nap and for me to be up all night after it. He woke at 900 took a bottle, went back to sleep until 530 when he woke for another bottle and then he went back to sleep around 600 and is still sleeping. When he woke up at 900 last night he could barely open his little eye - it was so pitiful looking. This morning the eye looked fine.

I got to finish decorating the golf cart for Luke last night while mom and dad were here. He will be so excited when he sees it this morning. Russell is going to buy him candy to throw this morning. I have him a cute basket out for him to keep it in on the back of the cart. He has a red blanket to sit on and a Christmas tree sitting beside him on the back of the cart.

Russell and Luke are still sleeping. I need to finish getting ready. I will update when I get back and hopefully get to post picks of the parade afterwards too.

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