Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Are you finished decorating? Shopping?

Have you stopped long enough to remember and remind your kids what Christmas is all about? Jesus' birthday!!! We constantly remind ours of it. We want them to have fun with Santa but we never want them to forget that without Jesus there would be no Christmas.

I started the tradition last year of baking Jesus a birthday cake. I thought, I do this for my kids birthday, why not my Savior's? I think that will help remind them of his birthday too when they see things going on that we do for theirs.

Also, stop to help someone less fortunate. Does your church have an Angel Tree? If not, why don't you do one? No matter our circumstances, there is always some one less fortunate than us. And they are not someone far off, they are our own town or neighborhood. Once you start looking, you will find more to help than you ever thought you could. You can also collect food and staples that people need too.

Think about. Are you doing what Jesus would want you to do?

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