Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well I have bought groceries tonight. Had two kids for part of the trip, then Luke left with dad and was down to Cole. Poor guy, he could barely find room to stand in the buggy because I needed so much stuff this week! HA!

THS has Spring Training this week. Russell is exhausted, can barely talk and has a sinus infection to boot. But it's FOOTBALL, so, he will make it through! GO TIGERS!!!

I have baked a round cake and the horse cake tonight. I will make the icing, assemble and decorate it tomorrow. Then not much to do but wait and hope it does not rain Saturday.

Well, I am off to watch a little DVR'd tv and the to bed.

Good night and God Bless!

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Purposeful Inspiration said...

I cannot wait to see the decorated cake!!! The finale! LOL

I know I dont have to tell you to take a lot of pictures....haha!

Enjoy decorating, that's the best part!