Friday, April 30, 2010

Finished for the night

Well the cakes are DONE!! It ended up being two b/c my round layer was not big enough, so, I improved and just made second cake. I could not stand the thought of not using an already baked cake!

Russell came home and so sweetly suggested we go out to eat. Which was GREAT because I did not want to cook after decorating cakes and making icing all day. I made chocolate buttercream for the first time. I do not care for chocolate that much at all but this taste pretty good.

I will post a few pictures tomorrow. I do not want my pictures out on the web for the guest to see before they get to the party.

Please pray the rains does not come in until the afternoon. My dad is brining animals for a petting zoo, and we will be so disappointed if we have to move inside and cancel that part of it. It STORMED for Cole's party last year, hopefully, that will not happen two years in a row.

Luke is spending the night with my parents, so, he can be there to help dad catch and load the animals in the morning. Yes, the love coming up with an "excuse" for why he "has" to stay, ha!

That's all for now folks!

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