Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trying to play catch up

We have all had colds and stuff. It started with Cole, then Luke, then Russell and then me. I missed work yesterday b/c I had fever and chills. I am back today but can barley talk about a whisper. Russell will love that, HA!

Luke learned to ride his bike this weekend!!! He decided he was ready and he went out there, got on it and road!!! He is such a stinker. He got it for Christmas in 2007 and is just now deciding he will ride it. Him and Russell did the whole block around the neighborhood Tuesday and Russell did not have to push him at all. He is growin up right before our eyes!

Cole had his 9 month check up on Monday. He is 29 inches long and weighed 19 lbs 8 ounces. He had lost 2 ounces but Dr. Hunter said that was normal around this age. He had to have one shot, have his iron checked, and take an eye test. These are all routine for the 9 month check-up.

Cole has another ear infection even with the tubes. I called Dr. Wilson, the ENT, on Friday of last week and they prescribed some drops. When we went to Dr. Hunter for the check-up on Monday, he said the left ear was not as clear as it needed to be after the drops, so, he prescribed an antibiotics for him too. I need to call the ENT now b/c we ran out of drops this morning and he is still draining some. But since I have no voice I will wait until tomorrow and hope they can hear me better, ha!

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