Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have been behind in keeping my blog updated, please forgive me. It seems like my life gets busier and busier and I just keeping adding more things to it.

Mrs. Connie has a doctor's appointment today. She is having some swelling that is not normal and the Dr wants to see her to see what is going on. The lymph nodes did come back showing a trace of cancer and she has an appointment on Feb 19th to discuss treatment. Please continue to pray.

Hannah Grace Harrison is still holding her own but is having some problems today with some level they need in control. Please continue to pray.

Cole has been very fussy and not sleeping well these past two days. And very clingy to me. We're hoping he is teething but who knows.I did see him pull at his ear twice yesterday and it was really red. We have an appointment on the 9th for his 9 month check-up (I canNOT believe his is 9 months already!), so, unless he acts sick we will wait until then to be checked.

I have some things going on the the "background" right now that cannot be mentioned yet. Please pray God will show me whether I am making the right decision and hopefully between now and the 10th. HA! Not to put God on a timetable or anything! HA!

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abryant said...

Okay so what has been going on in the background?? It's the 10th, tell me tell me!!