Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not much happening in the household these days. That is wonderful! I like quiet times.

Luke had a dentist appoitnment yesterday b/c he had benn complaining with a tooth ache. HE WAS WONDERFUL!!! He let them take xrays. The crown was loos, They put gel on hus gums to numb them, popped the crown off and reglued it. He aslo let them clean his teeth!! What a difference 7 months in between visits makes!!! he does have two small cavaties. We will go back on the 27th to have them filled. They prescribed a mild sedative for him to take at home before he comes in.

We leave Monday for the beach!! YAHOO!! Can't wait to get there. We will stay 3 nights. This will only make the 2nd time we have been to the beach in the 8 years we have been married. We normally go to the mountains. Mom and dad couldn't go with us so we decided to wait for them and go to the beach this time. Luke has been asking for a while to go back to the beach too. I will have black and white pics of the kids to post when I get back! I have some picture frames that need updating with new beach pics. This will be Cole's first trip in the sand! I hope for sun and warm weather!

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