Friday, August 29, 2008

Luke's dentist experience yesterday

It was awful. He drank the medicine fine but after an hour he was not asleep. He was very "drunk" acting and could not walk without falling over but not asleep. I thought they would continue to wait for him to fall asleep. Nope! They came and took him from me with him clinging to me as hard as he could. They had to pry him off my neck. With him screaming "momma please don't let them take me" the whole time. And as he is walking off he is reaching out for me saying the same thing. I was crying as much as he was by the point, my mom too. They came out about 15 minutes later and told me the laughing gas knocked him on out and they were working. They updated me an hour later and about 45 minutes later they were finished. They had to fill 2, do nerve treatments and silver caps on 4 and pull one b/c they could not save it. Well, I am thinking he will be groggy but all will be fine. Nope! I have never seen a child more ill in my life! He did understand the guase in his mouth or why he lips were numb. He was thirsty but of course very hard to drink. Hungry but we had to wait an hour for him to eat. I let him take the gause out of his mouth since he was not bleeding very bad. I mean it was all pitiful. I had told him he would get surprises, so, he wanted to go get them. I had to constantly keep telling him to remain calm or we could not go b/c he would get so upset just all of a sudden. Well, he chose to go to the Dollar Tree to get balloons and streamers. Then he wanted to go to Target for a toy. So we went to both places but it was just one bad experience after another with the way he was feeling. At one point I realize that he was starting to "milk" a lot of it with his rages and I told him he was going to get in big trouble if he did not straighten up that he was going overboard, he did finally get better when he saw that I was serious about that. I know that makes me sound horrible but at that point something had to be done. My mom even agreed with me which she is the last person in the world to want him to get in trouble when he feels bad. He slept most of the way home. He woke up starving b/c he fell asleep before he ate anything and had not had anything since the night before. So I took him to get the cheeseburger he wanted. We got home and he played with his surprises. He was A LOT better after that nap. He insisted on going with me to buy groceries when Russell got home and I was worried about the experience but he acted fine. I had to go get groceries b/c right now we are close to where Hurricane Gustav is going to affect and people will start panicking soon and there will be nothing on the shelves! His mouth of course was very sore last night. He is still sleeping this morning. It was just such a stressful day! I was wanting a stiff drink for lunch, haha!!!!!!We did have good news that it cost $80 LESS than what they had told us.Thanks for all your prayers and concern over these past weeks!!!!


abryant said...

I hope that today is going good for Luke. I called and Russell said yall were at the store. I was very surprised that Luke felt like going. That's great, he's a tough one. A sign of a true Stephens!! Still praying for you today, sorry the experience was a rough one!

ensley said...

That is an awful story!! I know he will hate the dentist form now on!! I am glad he is doing so well!!
I'll check back on him later!